Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Inspires You Wednesday

Flowers This Week

Over on our Facebook page, I started What Inspires You Wednesday.

It's fun to share the things that are giving us pause, motivating us and inspiring us in many different ways. This week, flowers have been the force driving my creativity as I work on my 2013 desk calendar.  

It's Fall here and many flowers have passed, although my rose bushes are still pumping out blooms and the petunias in my window box haven't been bothered by the night air yet.

Since the flowers that are still in full bloom are few, I've been grabbing inspiration from wherever I can find it.

Here's some of what I found.

1. my own backyard rose via Mercantile Muse 
2. soft white hydrangea and watering can via modern country
3. pansies and little pop up greenhouse covers via blomsterverkstad (say that three times fast)
4. perennial geranium in my corner garden via Mercantile Muse

5. unstoppable yellow sedum in my corner garden via Mercantile Muse
6. grape hyacinth (one of the first signs in my garden, that spring is in full force) via Martha Stewart

7. pretty poppies via My Two Acres
8. neighbor Joanie's huge hydrangea bush via Mercantile Muse

9. my rose of Sharon, which, by the way, is also still blooming via Mercantile Muse

I'd love to hear what's inspiring you today? Share here and feel free to share on our facebook page too.

Hope you're making it a great day. I'm checking things off the 'list', although there are still many more things to cross off. It's all good.

Hey! I almost forgot.........

1. We had an earthquake here last night!!!!! Really, we did. 4.6. It was so weird. Gar and I thought a refueler or transport was flying way way too low and had crashed. Shook the whole house.  We ran outside to see if there was a big fireball in the sky. Brought all the neighbors out. Hopefully that's the last of that. I mean, this is New Hampshire people, not California.

2. The giveaway is rocking and rolling. My sponsors are so generous, that it would be a shame if you missed out. Honestly $175 of handmade goodness. Enter here. Don't forget, there are ways to earn extra entry points each day.

Ciao for now.

Signed, shaking all over in NH,


  1. Today I am being inspired by dog hair and dust to clean my house! That's not very inspirational, is it? lol

    1. LOL!!!! mine could use a vac through too....EVERY single day with the shedding fool behind me who is about to take his afternoon nap!

      dust bunnies can be very inspirationl ;)

  2. Flowers always inspire me, thank you for sharing!! Nature and my children are my biggest inspiration points!!

    1. I find anything about nature incredibly inspiring, even when things are dying off there is still beauty if you look close.

  3. I can't wait to see the finished calendar! Have you considered making it wall-sized as well?

    I heard all this hoopla about an earthquake but never felt anything here. How crazy!!!

    1. I'm working on it as we speak. Gaining ground. I haven't thought of a wall calendar because at this size, I can run them myself. We already made the stands (well, Gar did) last year but never finished the calendar! ARGH! However, I could probably come up with a way to run them for wall hanging too...........

      earthquake was totally WEIRD.

  4. I'm inspired to purge! Our yard sale starts tomorrow and I know I'll find a few more things to part with :)
    Crazy about the earthquake! I've been in CA for 2.5 years and haven't felt one yet.

  5. I'm inspired by the peeling wallpaper in my study, much like sweet, lol. I get this way every year before the holidays...hmmm what can I craft from used, but still nice, strips of wall paper. hahaha


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