Thursday, October 18, 2012

Did Someone Say Party?


Come On In And Make Yourself Comfortable

Hey y'all. OK, I'm not from the South, but I always wanted to say that. It sounds so welcoming. 

Do you like parties as much as me? Then you came to the right place. This little virtual party on Mercantile Muse is my way of giving some 'airtime' to my fellow etsy shop owners, independent online business owners and bloggers a place to strut their stuff. The Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It link up party, gives them all a chance to reach out and let new people know about their products, services and blogs. It's a chance for the rest of you to discover new must haves and must reads.  I think it's important for us independent business people to support each other and this party is one the ways I do that.

I hope you'll stick around, it's always a great time.

1. tags via K is for Caligraphy
2. confetti pinata via Studio Mucci
3. centerpiece vase via The Red Lily Shop
4. radio via Space87
5. tea towel via French Slipper
6. cocktail set via Collectique
7. chip and dip bowl set via BeeJayKay
8. dark chocolate caramel toffee apple via Nicole’s Treats

Ready to party? Remember, even if you don't own an etsy shop or online business and you don't blog, you are still invited to this party. It's a fun place to window shop and see what you might have been missing until now.

Please read the guidelines before linking up:
*If you like Mercantile Muse enough to link up at the party, I ask that you follow too. There are several different ways to follow in the sidebar. 
*Don't link and run. Be kind and check out each other's links. You can't believe the things I've discovered at these parties. Plus, it's all about supporting each other after all. 
*You'll also find Bates Mercantile Co. here: facebook, pinterest, twitter. It'd be great to connect with you any way I can.
*Will you share a link to the party? Blog, tweet, facebook, share on your etsy team if you're on one, etc. If you blog and are so inclined to grab a button (from Mercantile Muse's button page) and feature it on your blog, that would be wicked awesome.  Everyone is welcome here, so be sure to tell your friends.
*If you take part in the link up, you will go on my email list to receive notification from me (from the address pbates at speakeasyinfo dot net) when the next link up party is underway, as well as other Mercantile Muse news.
*BY ALL MEANS, get to know the person next to you. Leave a comment that tells us a little more about your shop and/or blog and read and respond to what others have to say.  If you need inspiration, here's something to get you started......'How did you start making __________ or blogging about ________? Where do you live? What's happening in your world this week?' 
It's a party, it's all about mingling and getting to know each other.
Now, without further delay...'time to party'.If you're reading via email you can stop by the party here.
One more thing before you leave, the current giveaway on Mercantile Muse isf for $170 in handmade loveliness.  You really should enter. Especially since you can't win if you don't. 
Have a fantastic day and thanks for coming to the party.
later gators, 


  1. Another great party, Pam! :D
    This week I've been trying to get used to sewing in this freezing weather we're now having in Portugal... the fun part is watching our cats get super furry: Mimi looks like she's wearing a frilly front blouse!
    Cat-silly kind of fun, I know! :D

    1. Mafalda, that is too funn! It's a little brisk here today, but the sun is shining. I do see a fire in the woodstove in our future tonight though. Don't forget to link up your blog....did you post a picture of Mimi (love that for a cat name)??? I must see her frilly front blouse ;)

      I really have to find a sewing machine to replace mine that was killed in basement flood a couple of years ago. I keep seeing them at Salvation Army thrift store, but there as is and no real way to know if they work. But the ones they get in there are made to last. Mine was a portable which is what I'd like again. Worked great for our space.

    2. Pam, I'll have to take a pic of her 2012-3 fur. :D
      My machine is a Bernette-Bernina, the simpler one, but I'm so happy with it...
      I'm so sorry you lost yours... I even miss mine during the vacations!
      Last month we found and bought a really old one, with an iron feet table and pedal (don't know how to describe it better...) and he's recovering it this winter. To decorate my sewing room... he's so sweet! ♥

    3. "He's" my husband! Silly me... :]

    4. mine was either a brother or singer. can't remember now. yeah, it was a bummer. my gramps used to sew on a machine like your new 'old' one. he would sew slipcovers for all their furniture etc. I figured 'he' was the hubs, or the 'cat's father'. not sure if you have the same saying in Portugal, but if we used 'she' to describe someone instead of their name, my mother used to say "SHE is the cat's mother', indicating you should have used their name. Not sure where that crazy saying came from?

  2. Always great to join the party hosted by you Pam!

    1. Hi Reshma, hope all is well north of the border!

  3. You all had an earthquake? That's California stuff (I grew up there). How much was it on the Richter scale? Thanks for having the party, Pam. I hope your craft sale goes well this weekend.

  4. Here's a short feature on my blog about the party:


    1. Just saw it before I came rock girl!!!!!

  5. Lol, hey we don't mind if Yankees borrow the "y'all" word. :) :)

    Thanks for this opportunity! I've gotten views from it every time I've joined so far, and I'm hoping some sales will be right behind those views!


    1. Ha! thanks y'all! My sisterfriend who I lost this year lived many years in LA, and used to say it. I miss that.

      Glad you're getting traffic! Woohoo!

  6. Fantastic! This is the best party I know of- it just keeps going! I see a lot of little photos I need to go click on now! :)

    1. I know I most of my parties and celebrations. I have FOMO (fear of missing out) so I'm usually the last one to turn the lights off and go to bed.

  7. Thanks for another wonderful party...lots of awesomeness to favorite up there! :) And many happy, big sales at your craft fair!!!

  8. *waves at everybody* Hi! Let's party down! I'm off to meet some new neighbors.

  9. Just couldn't resist the invitation again! Love these parties of yours and one meets so many nice folks through them! Thanks!

  10. Thank you Ms. Pam for hosting the party. You are definitely the hostess with the mostess---in real life on your blog and here at the link party. I definitely want to keep up with this party more. I appreciate you highlighting all the wonderful sellers out there! Looking forward to exploring some links myself....

  11. Look look I'm early this time....well, I thought I was early and then I came in the door and you already had a houseful! Anyway - good luck with the craft fair - oh, I wish I was there too with a little Hybrid Handmade table, a vase of flowers and a bit of chat chatting with all the lovely good people who I'm sure will turn up in their droves!

  12. Oh my! There's an overwhelming amount of awesome in this meetup! So many new favorites to add.

    Oh, and I'm not from the south either (though I did live in GA and SC for a spell), and I always say "Hey y'all". Which makes all the "Hey yinz" people around our area cringe. I always loved going to my at-the-time boyfriend's granny's house and being greeted with a "How y'all doin'? Y'all want some pecan pie?"

  13. Lots of fun stuff to look through. I like the chalkboard pie pan. Clever!

    Let's hope that earthquake is a singular event.

  14. Hi all, I have been getting DD home from college for Fall Break. It has been a busy week. I hope to get to know you all much better.

  15. I could use a party or at least a cold drink after hosting my yard sale for 2 days :)


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