Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lace and Sunshine

A little lace

It couldn't be more gorgeous out. It's about 84f, a little humidity, but a lovely breeze that is just heavenly moving the air around.  The barn across the street is looking especially wonderful today, surrounded by queen anne's lace in full bloom. 

The field on the other side of the barn has even more queen anne's lace, blooming as far as the eye can see. So pretty swaying in the breeze.

Other etsians (people with shop on etsy :)love queen anne's lace as much as me, like PineandMain, offering these lovely Steubenville Fruit Bowls.

Set of 2 Steubenville Fruit Bowls, Dainty Lace Pattern
Copyright PineandMain, 2011

And this dreamy photo by Cottagelightstudio.

Summer Meadow, 12x12 fine art photography print
Copyright Cottaglightstudio, 2011
 Or these lovely note cards by paperinkandearth.

Pretties. Queen Anne and Clover.
Copyright paperinkandearth, 2011

Look at this fantastic watch, the creation of purplepetalstudio! LOVE this idea.

Green Queen Anne Lace in Watch
Copyright purplepetalstudio, 2011

I love the way the same thing can inspire so many different and varied creations.


There's been a lot of sun lately, and I'm loving it after the long winter and the seriously wet spring that wouldn't give way to summer until July. I am loving every minute of it.  I finished the weeding in the east garden and as promised, here's some pictures of the garden complete with mulch. As I mentioned, will still have some trim and siding to finish on that side, so it doesn't have the best back drop. Luckily, the blooming rose of sharon distracts attention for the unfinished stuff.

Before Weeding and Mulch

After Weeding and Mulch

Better? Right? Well, I mean, other than the dead lawn. Every one's lawns are crunchy here at the moment. The trade off for lots and lots of hot sun.

The piece de resistance though........the rose of sharon. Saucer sized hibiscus. So very pretty indeed.  I took the first one in the evening two nights ago.  The second, just a few moments ago in the glorious sunshine.

Copyright Pamela J. Bates, 2011

Our plans for the day include laundry (what a perfect day for line drying!), yard work, and perhaps we'll get those office shelves up. If not, 'tomorrow is another day'.

What are you plans? Is it sunny where you are or are you trying to avoid the raindrops?

Have a great Saturday in your corner of the world.

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