Monday, August 1, 2011

No Shelves Today- Sunday Adventure Part 1

Great Bay

Oh the's never long enough. The one thing on the 'to do' list, didn't get done. Nope. Still no shelves in my office. Saturday I spent weeding and in the pool since it was hot, and Gar was zonked from working in the heat. Sunday we ignored the little to do list, hopped in the car, and went in search of the buffalo farm on Great Bay.

Here's our first view of the bay as we head into the next town, Newfields, New Hampshire.

We continued into Newmarket and the mill, which has been renovated into condos, was looking beautiful against the blue sky.

I was really happy to see they've started to renovate the other mill on Main Street. It looks like they're in the process of gutting the interior. Just look at the stonework....gorgeous.

Then off of Main Street and onto a long winding country road on our way to the buffalo farm.  We were lucky to have many glimpses of the bay.

This was one big field, swooping right down to water's edge.

Then we found the road to the farm. Lots of twists and turns to the end, and lo and behold, no buffalo farm anymore. We were disappointed. I remember when I was there before, that the sight of the buffalo roaming the field and the bay in the back was really striking.  We made the best of it though, and decided to see if we could find Durham Marketplace, a small local grocer. But before we hit town, there was still more country road to travel.

This cemetery was right across from where the buffalo used to roam (sorry, couldn't often will I be able to say that?).

Such lovely details in the iron gate. 

Just up the road a bit, this view peaking through the trees. You have to love the beauty of a working farm, though this one was pretty quiet since it was Sunday.  There were many hay bale rolls in the field, proving someone had been hard at work recently.

And our last view of the bay before we hit the center of Durham (home of the University of New Hampshire).

Tomorrow, the downtown side of our adventure. After finding a lot of good food at the marketplace we swung over to Portsmouth (don't worry, we were prepared and kept the food cold) and enjoyed art, architecture, and everything else that makes Portsmouth what it is.

Sunset Meadows

This summer has been a real show stopper here at Sunset Meadows.

Lovely purple, pink, swirly whirly clouds.

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend in your part of the world. Did you get your to-do list done? Or did you throw caution to the wind and do something just for the fun of it? 

Have a great Monday in your corner of the world.


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