Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, Monday

Wouldn't Sunday be so much better if Monday wasn't to follow? Anybody on that bandwagon except me? 

We did enjoy the day, but you just want it to last forever. Watered the gardens and happened to find my rose bush out back blooming again, beneath the poke weed. I think the shade from the poke weed was making it happy this week.

You can see some of the poke weed in the foreground, bottom right. Those green pods will turn into purple berries that the blue birds LOVE come fall.

I weeded for most of the afternoon. Never got beyond the small east flower garden, which wasn't even really looking like a flower garden. The grass next to it is toast from the heat. (Seriously, the earth was like concrete from the heat and lack of rain.) And the only place grass was growing was in the flower garden. Why is that?

Please note: lots of crab grass and weeds in the garden.

Yes, we still have siding to finish on the east side of the house. Eventually, when we get the mudroom built, it will happen. Someday. For now, it's kind of an ugly backdrop for the garden, but there are worse things in life.

Went as far as I could and then, like the lawn, I was toast. It was still hot. But got most of this little flower garden weeded.  Will attack the rest later.

I know it's hard to tell, but there are way less weeds in this garden now. Promise. The wheelbarrow is full. I've only the far end to finish. Then another round of mulch. I'll take a picture after the mulch as I'm sure that will make it look much, much better. Plus, the Rose of Sharon at the end is about to burst into full bloom. That will be a show!

I know you'd never guess (wink, wink), but with the heat we've had, there have been some really wonderful sunsets this week. Last night was no exception.

It started off so soft and pretty.

It quickly went to hot summer sunset.

Always a lovely way to end the day.

From my from my perfectly imperfect weed-ridden garden, dead-grass corner of the world to your corner of the world, have a marvelous Monday.


  1. I love your flower pics Pam, they are beautiful! You must be very motivated to tackle all that garden work in this heat! Indiana isn't any cooler unfortunately, but you are right, it does make for some awesome sunsets!

  2. By the time I got out there Jill, it was probably close toe 2pm and the sun had gone mostly around to the other side of the house. that's not to say it wasn't hot. But so much better than thursday, friday and saturday. And I'm sick of looking at weed ridden gardens! Had to at least start tackling the beasts!


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