Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Me? Irresistibly Sweet?

That's not exactly how I'd describe myself, but that's how Jamie over at My Favorite Things blog described Mercantile Muse when she gave us this fun award! Woohoo, my first blog award. It's actually just a fun way to get to know me a little better. Thanks Jamie!

So the gist of the award is this, I have to:

*Share 7 things about myself


*Share the love by awarding 7 other bloggers the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

About me:

1. I have crooked fingers. Both hands. We're talking weird crooked-they kind of have a 'swoop' towards each other. Very unique. My sister has them, my niece has them and my nephew have them. They came from my Gram, Beatrice Dignam (nee Bracewell). She's on the left in this picture taken in 1918 in England and carried back to my grandfather who was away in the war (a friend who was on leave brought it  back to him). Gram is with two of her three sisters- Flo and Dora. Love Gram's necklace. I don't know if her sisters had the crooked fingers too.

2. I am addicted to M*A*S*H and LOVE Alan Alda, and Hawkeye too. Gar got me tickets to a sold out book tour Alan Alda was doing a couple of years ago and he was just what I expected. Gar shares my M*A*S*H love. If you haven't read his book Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, read it. Great memoir of growing up in an acting family, though it's not all happy and funny. What memoir is?

3. I am a rocker chic. That's not to say our music collection doesn't include Pavarotti, because it does. I was a punk rocker chic in college, still am in my heart. Turn on some Billy Idol and Steve Stevens (one of THE best guitarists ever), and you've got me when you hit play.

4. I'm an American mutt- Italian, Irish, English and I think even a little Scottish thrown in there too for good measure.  This is my great grandmother on my mother's side.....my Grandma Cocciardi's (nee mcguinness) mom Catherine McGuinness (nee Horan).

5. I went to college in the Bronx at the College of Mount Saint Vincent and my classmates and I are known as 'Mounties'.  We're known as Nuts too, but we prefer Mounties. Got a problem with that? Here we are at Stratton Mountain, with a couple Mountie sisters in the mix for the hell of it.

6. I am the youngest of 5 children (and knew all my grandparents- I know that will make it 8, but hey, it's my award.)

That's Brother Mike- It's his B-day today........Happy Birthday Big Bro!! And Brother Bill (with his daughter Maddie). And the Three Sisters (me, Dianne and Gloria). No  chronological order for those pics. :)

7. I always wanted to be on Broadway. I think it was all those years of Marie Patent and her Seacoast Civic Dance Company, and that I like to sing. Still love to dance and sing. But don't think I'm heading to Broadway anytime soon.  Though I am always forcing someone to take a spin around the floor with me, like my niece 'Carolina' (she's really Caroline, but I call her Carolina) a few years ago.  If there is music on, I'm bound to be dancing and singing.

Enough about me, but feel free to share 7 things about yourself. And here are my 7 blog picks:

Kerry at Seventy Tree

Lori at Automatism

Jane at Finding Fabulous

Tarissa at Pixel Berry Pie Designs

Laura at Design Share

Jill at My Printastic Designs

Bianca at Goodnightlittlespoon

I always wanted to give an Oscar speech, so here it goes....... Cry, cry. Wipe tears with tissue. Sniffle. "I'd like to thank Jamie at My Favorite Things, and shop owner of Madi's Treasures for being the first to recognize the Irresistible Sweetness of Mercantile Muse. I couldn't have come this far without her support."

Have a great Tuesday in your world.

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