Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where does the day go?

It's Sunday and it's almost 1pm. Haven't gotten a ton done yet......breakfast,dishes, some Bates Mercantile Co. stuff for etsy, took the trash out, but not much else. The bed isn't even made. Ah well, who cares, it's Sunday!

A quick post so I can get outside to weed and enjoy the glorious sun and pool.

Yesterday we took a ride, just to feel some air moving. Passed these horses on Frying Pan Lane (isn't that a great road name?) and wanted to get a shot. I usually make Gar stop at the side of the road so I can talk to them for a minute. Yesterday there was a guy on a motorcycle behind us. He came out of nowhere and was behind us too close, so Gar didn't want to pull over quick and stop short in front of the guy. So all you get is this driveby shot. It makes me smile though, because both horses look like they're in the same exact position and because you can see part of me in the rearview mirror!

They're usually more than happy to saunter over to the fence for a chat.

Spent time in the yard yesterday........ well, mostly the pool, but I did get this shot of my Stella D'Oro lily before I hopped in.

Wish me luck on the's a jungle out there.

Happy Sunday. Relax and enjoy it, for tomorrow is Monday.

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