Saturday, July 23, 2011

A MidSummer's Break

We're in the midst of heatwave here. Yesterday, the thermometer reach 100F in the shade by noon. By the time the sun came around, it reached 110F. Hour and a half later, it was reaching toward 120F.   Of course, that was with direct sunlight on it. Regardless, it was hot.

It would have been unbearable if it hadn't been for the pool.  Bookclub Martha (really Carey) stopped by for a little dip once the shade had come around.

Don't ask why we have the noodles framing our faces. Let's just say it was the heat getting to us.

The swimming continued for hours to come, when Gerry and Sandee, two of the neighborhoodlums came over to cool off. I'm not sure how cool we got because the pool was like a sauna, but it still felt good.

Another hot one today and I'm about to do another round of watering the gardens. I thought it would be a good time for a winter interlude for your cooling pleasure.

Doesn't look nearly as fun covered in snow, does it?

The forsythia giving in to the weight of the snow.

Lucan leaping through the snow in the woods out back.

 Lucan leaping through the snow in the field across the street.

Currently, there is no leaping going on. A lot of panting, but no leaping.

Have a great Saturday where you are!


  1. What a cool photo of Lucan amidst the falling snow. I love to see dogs playing in the snow!

    Yes, the shot of you in the pool is awesome, however, I hope you get a chance to recreate it this winter with as much snow as in the next picture. Now there is a challenge!

  2. Lucan LOVES the snow Sharon, well- playing in it at least. Not real happy about sitting out in the cold. I'll have to post some others, I've got some more good shots of him playing in the snow. Yesterday he 'strained' his leg a little because he wiped out on the wet grass while chasing his frisbee. We're calling him Gimpy right now. As far as recreating the pool shot in the snow.........I'll have to think about that one! LOL


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