Friday, July 22, 2011

Tornado Alley..........ok, it's just my office

My office.......literally my 'little corner of the world'.......was out of control yesterday. Now I can be messy when I work, but it was looking even beyond my usual messy workplace.

Seriously. A mess. Papers everywhere. Stacks of who knows what. Wires dangling from behind my desk. Drawers open. Need I say more?

The saving grace was .......Can we talk?.........I got such a great deal yard sale-ing last weekend. I found a super duper plastic-yet-sturdy file cabinet on wheels. I just needed to take the time to move things from the box on the floor (to the left of my desk), to the new 'Caddie Boy'. That way, instead of dragging the box out of the corner when I need to get into a file, I can ROLL the file cabinet out. It rolls SO easily.

So I started to clean and organize.

I know, it doesn't look so hot in progress.

It is better, but still - I hate those obnoxious wires.

Aha, an idea..............I'll hang one of gram grams old table cloths to hide them!

No unsightly wires!!!!

The Caddie Boy fit like it was made for the space!!! Woohoo!

It now holds all the files that were shoved into the black box which was half the size.  And..........

It has a secret drawer up top that now holds my Bamboo computer pencil and pad. This makes me happy because it used to sit on top of the hard drive and I was always worried I was going to kick it off while crossing my legs.

There's more to do, but it is at least looking more organized.  I moved the 'black box' to the right of my desk and that now holds my etsy stuff.

Yes, that is one blank and boring wall in front of me. And not too much to the side either. The one in front is going to hold some shelves. I hemmed and hawed about that, since my pantry shelves are open, did I want more open shelving. I decided that was the easiest solution, and that you wouldn't really see it from the rest of the living room (my office is in the far corner) because the big screen TV will hide it. Also, Gar has these awesome industrial brackets downstairs that are just looking for something to do.

As far as the wall to the side, I'm planning on coming up with some display system for my artwork and things that inspire me when I'm creating.  Anything would be better than my current system.

Do you have a display system that works? Bulletin board? Plate rail? I'm thinking some sort of horizontal 'clothes line of sorts' (twine perhaps?) at different levels, and that I can hang artwork and inspiration off of with clothes pins or office clips.

Any suggestions welcome.

Hotter than Hades here. Can't complain. I'm inside with the hound and there is AC running. Gar, however, is right in the thick of it building a foundation, in the heat, with no shade. Oy. Vay. I'm feeling for him.

Have a wonderful Friday in your little corner of the world. I'm off to soak everything outside so it can survive the heat of the day. Did the same thing yesterday morning and had to do another round in afternoon because everything was wilted already. 

I know when I step out, it's going to be like walking into an oven. The thermometer is in the shade and it's already over 90 at 10 a.m. Phew.

Have I told you lately that I love my pool?


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