Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Fish In Water

Olympic Gold Medalist-To-Be

Our friend Charlie (remember, he brought the big steel plate over for the 4th) called yesterday to see if the pool was open, which of course it was and is. Did I say it's hot? His granddaughter Makenna was supposed to go to a friend's to swim in her pool, but the play date got cancelled. Once she hopped in, I don't think it mattered too much anymore.

She insisted on showing us her 'Big Jump'.

Then her colorful nails.

Then her toothy grin (before she loses those pearly whites).

While Makenna was swimming about the pool, Lucan was rolling about the lawn. Cracks me up when dogs do that.

Plus I like the noises they make when they do it. It's quite a routine.

Then it was time for Makenna to dry off and chill with 'Bumpa' for awhile.  You've gotta love the look.

Later, That Same Day (cue dramatic old movie music)

I went to check on my Mom at the end of the day. She had cataract surgery in the morning. All went very well. Of course she did have a clear dome over her eye, giving her a kind of Cyborg effect, but other than that she looked great. Right Mom? (She's lurking. Hasn't quite figured out how to post comments yet.)

Got to see my great niece Sophia too......aka Punky Brewster. She's not always so sure of everyone and she lets you know it.

Giving me the Sophia scowl.  Hmmmm, who does this remind me if I didn't niece Cait!

Uh oh, Daddy got her to crack a smile! Now put some music on and she will not be able to do anything but give you a little Sophia Shimmy. Unstoppable on the dance floor.

It's a Tropical Heatwave

We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave........another hot one today. Supposed to reach high 90s and humid! Remind me of this when I'm posting the 'latest snow' pictures this winter.  Just watered the veg and the flowers so they didn't croak.

Love the shot of this Admiral Nelson lily I got from my sister in law Kelly. Didn't have to make one adjustment in Photoshop.

Guess it's not hard to take a good photograph of lilies. Gorgeous color.

On the way to the other garden, I spied the raspberries. Unlike our neighbors, ours are a little slow and not so prolific this year. That's OK, as I mentioned, the neighbors haven't had this problem. Joanie brought us over a pint last night. Freezing for future use. Joanie's Freezing Berries Tip: place in one layer on plate or cookie sheet in freezer, let freeze, then put in freezer bag and back in freezer. That way they don't freeze in one big clump.

The Queen Anne's Lace is in bloom.

This flower is honkin'! I'm talking BIG.

Played 'catch the stick' with Lucan before it was too roasting. OK, 'catch the branch', which he then thought he was bringing inside. He really does give me a laugh  every day. I had to wrestle it out of his mouth.

Hope the sun is shining on you today. Have a great Thursday in your corner of the world.


  1. I'm lurking too!
    I can't believe you know the name of the daylily! You are too much!

  2. I could be wrong Kel. But you know me, I remember the most insignificant information. If only there was a million dollar prize for that! Have fun at camp!! Please tell me, you're going too?

  3. OK, just found it on a gardening site and it is indeed,the admiral nelson lily. and get this kel, next to it in parenthesis it said (Lambert 1969). Was your mother propagating lilies in 1969 or something? Isn't that funny? Not sure what it means but will have to research!

  4. Here's the link and there are other lilies pictured too, including the one Joanie gave me,which I think looks like Chance Encounter.


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