Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Pretty and The Not So Pretty

Blue Sky Day

Yup. It's gorgeous out.  Went across the street to Tom and Joan's to see how the boys were making out on the 'ball joint' replacement for Gar's truck. I was distracted by the beauty all around. Joanie's garden is blooming away. Pair that with Tom's awesome  whirlygigs that he makes himself from spare parts, and you've got one colorful thing happening.

Joanie's hydrangea is monstrous and in full bloom.Time for me to go cut this year's bunch and dry to replace the ones currently in my Waterford vase.

How about a close up of the hydrangea......the ombre coloring on each petal is really something else. Bright pink fading to cream. Sigh.

Color everywhere!

And see those tomatoes? I walked away with a bag full of cherries and Romas last night. Thanks Joan and Tom. Tom's not big on tomatoes. Poor Tom. More for us. It is a good thing Joanie had some to share because yesterday I went out to pick some of ours and I found a chippy having a feast on three of my ripe Romas! Oh sure, chipmunks are cute, but not when they're eating your Romas. Nope. Not at all. I gave him a good talking to and then picked the rest of the ripe ones. Along with Joan's they're going into the oven to roast today. Then into the freezer so we can enjoy garden fresh roasted tomatoes all winter. More on that process tomorrow.

One more shot of the sunflower. Huge. Bright. Happy. Striking against the blue sky day.

You can't see it in this picture, but smack dab in the middle was a lone bee having a field day.

Smart bee.

The Garage

Gar was getting ready to head over to Tom's this morning to work on his truck. G,Tom and Gerry did a little prep work on it last night: jacking it up, taking the tires off, lubricating the brake and ball joint area to make things easier this morning.

I kept hearing this squealing noise and thought it was our water pipes having an issue while Gar showered. I yelled into him, 'what's that noise'? It wasn't the shower. It was Gerry's truck brakes seizing up. He'd driven over to Tom's to work on the brakes and they decided they didn't want to cooperate at all anymore.

So the trucks were lined  up for fixin'.

Tom and Garman had obviously both gotten the memo about the garage uniform of the day. Green shirt, jeans and boots.

Now, you might think the next picture is of Garrett 'having a go' at taking apart the brakes to get to the ball joints. However, if you look closely---way back there, you will see Gerry's truck standing its ground. It wasn't moving. Not going anywhere. How do you like them apples?

Gerry eventually got it to move and off he went, probably to the dealership to say "Guess you guys didn't do such a great job checking out my break problem when I had this truck towed here two weeks ago."  He was not a happy camper, but I thought he was handling it relatively well.

So, that's pretty much the short and tall of it in the neighborhood today. I got some bookwork done yesterday. Unfortunately not all. That's my mission for the day.

Beyond that- roast tomatoes, take some product shots for Bates Mercantile Co., list the items in the store, get out and enjoy the sun, have a little swim, and and have the turkey tettrazini I made yesterday that we didn't eat because Tom grilled up some pork loin. I mean, who can argue with that?

Hope your Saturday is going better than Gerry's truck.

Later Gators.


  1. i changed my mind. just went to take some laundry in off the line,and it's much too nice out to sit inside and do bookwork. it will have to wait. there is sun to be had!

  2. Beautiful garden! Ours collapsed with all the rain we had, but it's nice to have the sun out today. Sorry to hear about the truck trouble. When it rains, it pours, I guess!

  3. The three guys are still working on the first side! took ages to get it off. just put first new ball joint in. hopefully second side will go smoother. nothing is easy :)

  4. Your garden is so beautiful. I can grow vegetables that are so/so, but do not have much of a green thumb. I'm always envious of anyone who can grow lots of plants, flowers especially. Every time someone gets me potted flowers they never bloom again. I've accidentally killed some really amazing plants and am still sad about it. My orchid was the biggest bummer :(

  5. Well Courtney Jo, I can't take credit for those flower pics. They're my neighbor's garden. But I am about to head out to capture some pics of ours. That said, our veg garden looks like Wild Thing this year. At least we're still getting some things though. And I am not the best 'house plant' person either.......though my orchid is still hanging in there, but not in bloom. I've gotten better, but still have a long way to go.

    Get a new orchid!!


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