Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stocking Up

Always Adding

I've found, as an etsy shop owner, a good way to continually drive traffic to Bates Mercantile Co. is  to add new products on a regular basis. Just like a brick and mortar shop, you want your customers and potential customers to find a good amount of stock.

To that end, I've designed and listed two new premade logo designs that will be customized with business name. I've sold premades to people all over the world, including my most recent customers this week in Australia and San Diego. It's a quick, easy, affordable way to brand a business for a really reasonable price. I'm talking $20 reasonable. I know, I'm crazy, right?

Regardless, here they are!



Simple, clean, friendly, & fun. 

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen that I've added to my morning cuppa tea ritual and have been playing with watercolors most mornings. I have to say I'm really enjoying this new creative jolt to start my day before I sit down to the computer.

This new premade logo is the result of this morning's pattern play.


Beyond enjoying playing with watercolors, I'm also having fun creating art without a mouse and then importing into photoshop and illustrator and playing with them more.

If you have a business that is all about being a free spirit, well, look no further.

Premades can be customized even more with add ons for color, font changes, and other minor adjustments. 

Beyond that, I'm busily working at my desk on new custom logo designs, as well as meeting ad design deadlines, and revising logos, and finalizing logos for clients.

My hands are not idle, that is for sure, so I guess I'm not going to hell yet.

What's happening in your world today? 

Rock your day!

Ciao for now,


  1. I really like the second one....you do great work.

    1. I think I'll just keep all your comments in a file labeled Pep Squad, for those days when I need a pick me up!

  2. Love the watercolouring you're doing. I love the boho feeling it has to it.

    1. I really, really need to get watercolor paper. I've yet to be somewhere that has watercolor paper and haven't had time for a special trip. but I sure am having fun experimenting and working away from the computer. i like that I can even sit outside, even just on the back stoop and work with a little watercolor!

  3. LOL! "Guess I'm not going to hell yet." Loving the logos AND the watercolors - go girl!

  4. Both are beautiful, lovely and I adore the boho feel of them:) You're amazing! Have a great Wed. xoxo


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