Photo Challenge

Mercantile Muse Inaugural Photo Challenge

After taking part in Elle Moss's photo challenge, I decided that I liked it so much I would have one of my own. I enjoyed not only taking pictures based on a theme, but seeing everyone's take on the same subject.

The innagural Mercantile Muse photo is a no pressure kind of thing. It's all about having fun with your camera. The Mercantile Muse Photo Challenge runs Fridays, Mondays and Wednesdays from 7/27 through  8/22/2012. 

You can jump in at anytime. This has been a great experience already, garnering submissions from all over the world. That alone makes me happy. Add to that the wonderful photos that are being submitted and you've got even more happiness here.  If you'd like to join the photo challenge, I'd love to have you. Just send me your submission (you can email me via the little icon in the righthand sidebar under my profile), by the end of the day prior to the post so your photo can be included. That is to say, if you're participating in Monday's challenge, get me your submission by end of day Sunday....and so on. When you email me, include what challenge it is for (i.e. summer, vast, etc) as well as any links (i.e. blog post, facebook post, etsy shop, etc) you'd like your photo credit to link to.

Here are the photo challenge posts so far:

More to come.........

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