Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 6: Eency Weency

Sometimes You Have To Look Close

The tiniest of things can be easily missed or forgotten, compared to the bigger and the bold.  That doesn't mean they don't have as much to say.

Lady bug, lady bug fly away.........or maybe not. At first I thought Lynn had captured a lady bug, but I don't see any dots. However, this little bug does match the strawberries perfectly.

'beetle juice', via lynn, pinkbug67

Shoes for the littlest toes. Kristen's look ginormous next to them.  Meanwhile, they're probably a size 5.

'big sandal, little sandal', via Kristen, Milo and Molly

And the feet that go in 'em. Lettin' the dogs air out. Everybody has to do it. Even the wee ones.

One thing I love about Queen Anne's Lace is that each flower is made up of teeny tiny Queen Anne's Lace. Emma captured that beautiful white fractal effect.

'crowning glory', Emma, My Boju Life

Oh I can't wait for ours to pop. They're coming, but we were late planting.  Kathy was obviously ahead of us. I can nearly taste them.  By the way Kathy, I do agree. I really do. Grape tomatoes are in fact, eency weency.

'It's All Relative To Me', Kathy, Double Nickels and Beyond

Oh to find a secret garden. Well, Cari-Jane did.  In a place she'd lived for years. Isn't that the best kind of secret garden?

It might be a little amulet, but no less powerful. My girl Mary. My Mom gave me this miniscule Blessed Mother, that came in the case behind her. She couldn't remember whether her godmother or my grandmother gave it to her. Regardless, she oversees me at my desk now.

'words of wisdom', Pam, Mercantile Muse

Tiny white bells and a note of Spring in the air.  Karen's lily of the valley take over her yard in Spring.  Not a bad thing to smell their sweetness and see their pretty ruffles.

'the bells are ringing', Karen, Bridgit's Bell

More sweet blooms from Karen's yard. I don't have any 'bluets' in my yard, but I may have to get some. So lovely.

'am i blue', Karen, Bridgits Bell

Now these I'd really love to have in my yard. Thankfully the next door neighbor's allow us to share their strawberries.

'before the fruit, the flower', Karen, Bridgit's Bell

Can you find it? Look close for Ashely's leggy friend who has been mighty busy indeed.

'webmaster', Ashley, Papyrusaurus

A tiny bloom from my garden sitting on the time pebble that Cari-Jane sent me.

'petals and pebble', Pam, Mercantile Muse

Flowers to adorn yourself with, from the talented Reshma. The smallest lotus flowers I've ever seen.

'beauty and light', Reshma, Color Canopy

Flowers, flowers everywhere. Apparently, there are lots of eency weency ones, including these three I picked from my garden.....phlox in the back, black eye susan, and wild aster.

'petal pushers', Pam, Mercantile Muse

Again, thanks for playing along. Getting you submissions is like opening up a wonderful little surprise. Next up in the photo challenge, glorious food. If you want to particpate in this challenge, just get me your submission by end of the day tomorrow, for Friday's post.

Want a great big surprise of your own? How does winning a ton of beautifully handcrafted items sound? Good? Then I guess you better enter the August giveaway.

Guess what tomorrow is.....time for another Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It link up party. Time for shops and bloggers to show us their wares and for the rest of us to mingle about and discover new things. Oh yeah. I know how you guys like to party.

Enjoy the day, it's the only one we've got.



  1. Great photos. The one of the daisy on the stone is stunning.

    1. isn't everyone doing a great job Lynette? can't wait for the next one. food....should be very interesting.

  2. I love the big sandals, little sandals! So cute.

  3. Helluva beautiful clicks esp those gorgeous twinkly "bubble" toes! Thank you for including my bracelet! I will try and get on with some good recipe! I am on the road again on Friday! (Can you believe it? A g a i n)

    1. gotta love those toes

      more than's a beautiful design

      no worries about a 'recipe'. the challenge doesn't require you to fix a 4 course meal!

  4. Great them all! I am bummed I didn't make it in today...and those shoes I tried on, certainly would not qualify, those heels were anything but eency weency!

    1. well, if you have an 'eency weency' you'd like to submit, send it to me. i'm sure i'll do another catch up post at some point.

      those heels were DEFINITELY NOT eency weency. i would have killed myself in those babies.

  5. Ok, that ladybug photo is FANFRIGGENTASTIC!!! Wow!

    1. just prancing around the strawberries like nobody's business.

  6. What a nice collection :) next up is Food Glorious Food. Does that mean I have to cook tonight?

    1. absolutely not. hey, you could always use the grape tomatoes again. then they'd qualify as eency weency glorious food. just sayin'.

  7. Sorry, missed the challenge again- my compu died so uploading is a no-go at the moment.

    1. damn computers. can't live with 'em, and can't live without 'em. hhhmmmm, where have i heard that before?

  8. Wonderful blog! Thank you for visiting my blog!

    Ali =)

    1. Thanks for the kind words Ali, and likewise...thanks for stopping by the Muse.

      You have a lovely blog! I'm sure we'll be getting to know each other better.

    2. ps- don't miss today's link up.....stop by and link up your blog!

  9. Sweet shots today! I absolutely love lily of the this one's my favorite :)

    1. Kate, as soon as you pull in our drive you can smell them when they're blooming. I always pick some and put it in a tine vase in the loo. it looks sweet on the vanity.


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