Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 2


Happy Monday gang. I hope you had a good weekend. We worked on organizing all day yesterday and made good headway. More to do, but isn't that always the case.  Today is day 2 in the Mercantile Muse Photo Challenge. I love today's theme of vast theme and just new it would brings some beautiful shots.

Ashley captured this shot. I love all the textures going on in this.

'Sea Level', via ashely croyle, papyrusaurus

Karen looks she might have snuck down for a walk at my beach (am I right Karen? North Beach, Hampton?). I know, it's not exactly 'my' beach. However, when you grow up a mile from it, and spend a gazillion hours on it growing up, you kind of think of it that way. Thank goodness I only live 10 minutes away. 

'Golden Sand', via Karen Traversy, Bridgits Bell

Another from Karen. One bird and one big blue sky.

'Soaring', via Karen Traversy, Bridgits Bell

And one more from Karen. Soft, muted tones. 

'via 'Peach Over Sea' via Karen Traversy, Bridgits Bell

Thank you Emma for making me feel like I'm standing there with you, looking at the Smokey Mountains. Stunning.

'Blue Smoke', via Emma, MyBojuLife

My beach. Wink wink.  That's Gman next to the rock.

'Beach Shine', Pamela Bates, Mercantile Muse/Bates Mercantile Co.

Gar may be on the beach, but I think Traci might have been on the water.

'Sailing Away', Traci, All Things Luci Rae

Check out the rainbow above the center catamaran. Not sure if it was a real rainbow, looks like too nice a day for that. Maybe a sun spot? Looks awesome either way.

Wow. Bonnie from PaperKeeper was lucky to be a witness to this beauty and thanks to her, we get to share in it.

'Deepest Blue', via Bonnie, Paper Keeper

That deep blue water is amazing.

Such a wonderful way to start the week.

Thanks for playing along gang. Really enjoy getting your submissions. If you haven't heard about the Photo Challenge yet, you can learn more here.  All are welcome to join in the fun. Next theme: Self Portrait. Ugh. Why did I include that one? Get me your shots asap....I'll be prepping it tomorrow. 

Self portrait or no self portrait, here's something that will surely make you smile.....we're only a few days away from the start of the Mercantile Muse August Giveaway!!! This one is really gonna float your boat.  Here's another tease........

Even better news.......that's not all. I've got fantastic sponsors for this giveaway and you guys will surely want to enter this one.  Soon my dears. Soon.

Ah, the beginning of a new week. All full of promise of the things you'll get done. My list is pretty long but I feel so so happy to be starting my week off with a clean and organized office. I'm pretty tempted to do the Snoopy Dance!

What about you? Is it a really full week? Will you be able to squeeze in some 'you' time? We have part of our Dublin family coming for a couple of days at the end of this week and it's nice to have that to look forward too.

Happy Monday,


  1. Wow, those are amazing! I'm sorry to have missed this one. We got caught up in birthday stuff, so the only "vast" I had was the mountain of toys and packaging!

    1. that would have worked. or a picture of the dump and the 'vast' array of wonders to be found there. just a thought.

  2. So funny you'd call mine Sea's actually just Lake Erie :) That picture fools a lot of people.

    1. that's a riot. i was actually just kind of thinking of all the different 'levels' in the photo, the sand, the foam, the waves, the sky. not sure if lake level would have the same ring though!

  3. Incredible photos!! AWE inspiring.

    1. i mean, there's some screen saver worthy stuff. it would be great to stare at those views all day, don't ya think?

  4. Awesome collection..and whew..glad I made it in this week! :) What WERE you thinking for the self-portrait though :) Happy Monday

  5. I puzzled over what to submit for "Vast" for several days. Then it occurred to me: "For anyone who lives near the ocean that is it"!!

    I have already got my self portrait!

    1. exactly!!!! i'm still working on my self portrait. can't say i've like any so far. ah well.

  6. Here is my post to accompany today's photo challenge.

  7. Bummer, I had an old photo to drag out for this as time got away from me... But baby vaccinations got in the way. Will try for tomorrow instead!

    1. well mamacita, you had mr. man to take care of. no worries.

  8. Yay!! It was def a sun spot... but in a really cool placement. These all make me so happy. I need to get out there in nature more!

  9. Replies
    1. really. you couldn't pick a favorite because each is so darn pretty.


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