Sunday, July 29, 2012

Almost Silent Sunday

Campfire Saturday Night

Despite the rain that came in yesterday, we had a campfire last night.  Figured if we had been camping we'd still be round the fire.  We put a grate over the fire and cooked up some dogs and refried beans. We don't have hot dogs often, which I think makes them taste even better when we do have them.

Gman, looking a little frazzled from the rain, but ready to enjoy the hot dog regardless.

Then he dropped mustard on poor Lucan. Just not right.

Lucan knew there was something there, but couldn't reach it.  I did him a favor and wiped it off.

Our plans are: mission organization. Whoop whoop. It's still raining so it's a good day for it. First though, I'm going to jump in the pool. Yup. Who cares if it's raining. It's muggy, so in the pool I go.  Got any plans for the day or are you just chillin' like McGillian?

If you're participating in the next photo challenge, be sure to get me your submission today so it can be included in tomorrow's post.

Happy Sunday,


  1. I always liked swimming in the rain. You're already wet, so who cares?

    Have a great Sunday! Bulldozer boy turns 3 today so we are going to party!

    1. he is gonna love those pillows! have a blast!

      and exactly on the swimming front. i like swimming in the rain too.


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