Monday, May 5, 2014

Favorite Finds

Etsy Style

My mind and mouse often wander all over etsy. It's the perils of having a shop on etsy that you check on often. One thing leads to another. Being able to find a minute to pull together a treasury (a visual shopping list of sorts), is always a fun way to spend some time.

My mind has been dreaming of a cabin in the woods by the lake. Where you can just hang out and do nothing, or whatever you want.

The results of my day dreaming- 'at the cabin', a treasury filled with all sorts of wonderful things and shops. 

At the cabign we can chill out, maybe create a little art, sip a cuppa tea, check the time when we feel like and maybe dip our toes in the water. 

Want to go to the cabin with me?

You can explore all these wonderful things from their links in the treasury, which you will find here: at the cabin.

What are you dreaming of on this Monday?

Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was lowkey.  We had a nice dinner out on Friday night with my parents. Saturday was happily accentuated by a great Bruins comeback win against our rivals the Habs in the playoffs.  Yesterday I did a little organizing in the office/studio. Not as much as needs to be done, but it was a start. What about you?

Ciao for now,


  1. I love the cups and the vintage flour tin. Today we celebrate liberation day over here. We celebrated by having lunch (carrot soup with caramelised red onions) in my friends' garden.

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you celebrate Liberation Day!!!

      I think I've said this to you and/or your Mom before. My Auntie's (not blood Aunt, but my sister's godmother and mom's best friend) brother dropped in as part of Operation Market Garden. Injured himself on the drop and was sent to hospital to recoup. Then I think in the end, he may have died in the Battle of the Bulge after going back to the line. God bless him.

  2. Why yes.... I DO want to come to that cabin! Pretty stuff. I especially love the 'B.' Productive weekend for me on the outdoor front. We built a new walkway and I did some planting and weeding. It was too pretty to stay inside.

    1. good thing there's extra bedrooms! I, for obvious reasons, am a little partial to the B as well. WOW, you got a ton done. the weather was still so weird here. we did get a quick campfire in saturday evening after the derby, and before it rained.

  3. a cabin in the woods sounds heavenly. we have been suffering from some major wanderlust here in our world. just waiting till the end of the school year. I like the coffee cups, one can never have too many mugs or too much tea. :0)

    1. too much tea............GUILTY! hand is raised high! love my tea. and a good iced coffee in summer or a latte in winter.

  4. The cups, pillow, blanket and bear and b. That's my choice. And a cabin would be great!


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