Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day From Your Dublin Connection

Wishing I Was Here

{A repost from year's past this is as much applicable today as it was when I first posted}

St. Patrick's Day is a day of mixed emotions for us. We always have fun celebrating, but in our heart of hearts we wish were with our family and friends here:

James Toner's, Baggot Street

having one of these

if we could score the snug like we did two years ago, we'd be very happy
(as you can see by Gar's face)

and if we weren't there, then perhaps we'd be here at Connolly's aka The Sheds
(this was leah's first visit)

visiting with our family

or maybe walking along the river liffey

or we could be in Cork hanging with my bestie Tina

then again, we might be in Dublin at toddy's in the Gresham Hotel

or we might be enjoying the parade

of course, if Niall was cooking, we'd probably be here, in his and Caragh's kitchen

if the ferris wheel was up, we'd have to take a ride to see Dublin from above

we might take a walk up the Christ Church

of course, we've also been known to hang out in Fran & Fiona's kitchen

or maybe Gar and Gra would be cutting a rug at the Gardai Club

then again, we might just stay at James Toner with some of
our favorite people

or we might be in John and Angie's kitchen having a bit of a sing-song, but we'd all be quiet first and give  JenJen the floor (don't get dizzy from my video skills).


missing dublin (and cork) today, we'll do our best to muddle through

We had a St. Patrick's Day weekend filled with celebration.  Friday night Irish youtubing, singing a dancing. Followed by a visit to our favorite pub RiRa in Portsmouth on Saturday. The neighborhoodlums went up with us for the merriment and Sandee gets five gold stars for being the DD. We came back to the house to had a bit more of the craic ('good times', not the drug) with -  you guessed it- more youtube singing and jigging.  Yesterday our pal from Cork popped over and then we were off to my parents for a proper corned beef dinner and some irish music.  Today, I'll probably make a big shepard's pie and we'll enjoy even more Irish music and merriment (when our work is done~!).
That's it from St. Patrick's Day Central. Make it a good one!
Ciao for now and Slainte!


  1. Your weekend sounded fun! Dublin is on my list of places that I must visit in the next few years.

    1. You MUST go to Dublin A! of course, I'm a little partial but it's a great city and totally walkable.

  2. Looks like lots of great times and people! My kids went to Ireland a few years ago on a school trip and they said it was their favorite place in Europe. I'm trying not to be super jealous.

    1. So much to see in Ireland....I mean, it's an island so there is so much beautiful coastline. Sometimes it really stinks having an ocean in between you and your family.

  3. Looks like you guys had fun! The ferris wheel looks so scary.... Maybe I'd go for a ride after one of those cocktails :-)

    1. So, I'm not one to be scared off by a ferris wheel, BUT that was a HUGE ferris wheel and quite did give me a bit of the butterflies. the views of dublin were worth it though.

  4. Those photos are so awesome and I could totally have some shepard's pie right about now:) Happy Monday, darling. xoxo

  5. Are they your sparkly eyes close up? look like pretty happy eyes ..

    1. yes my dear, those are my sparkly eyes............'when irish eyes are smiling'. ;)


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