Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Still Life: The Color Of Hope

Springs Eternal

Everybody around here is getting pretty antsy for some spring like temperatures. We'd like a little more than just one day sandwiched in between never ending polar vortex stretches. It's been a long cold, snowy winter. Which we can usually handle when there are hopeful signs that spring will get here eventually

When I went to the store yesterday to get my ingredients for my St. Patrick's Day Shepperd's Pie, I spied what is a true harbinger of spring.  

Daffodils, in all their yellow glory.

We are far from daffodils in bloom here.  So, to be able to grab a bunch to brighten up your home gives you a tiny taste of spring, and confidence that it surely will arrive in the not so distant future (even if today's 26 degrees doesn't support the fact that it supposed to arrive this week!).

 In Ireland at this time of year, the daffodils are everywhere.

They're blooming in the parks..................

.............in the fields...............

..............in the middle of the highways............

.....in the middle of the 'roundabouts'.

Everywhere you look.................mass plantings of daffodils. As if a flower fairy sprinkled magic daffodil dust over everything.

It's a beautiful sight.

At least I can have a reminder of that beauty in my home for a the small price of $3.00.  A steal for a little hint of spring to brighten up these last days of winter that just won't seem to release their grip.

I forgot to tell you yesterday, our pal Lucan turned 14! He celebrated St. Patrick's Day and his birthday in grand style.

The neighborhoodlums came over for a little St. Patrick's Day cheer and Shepperd's Pie.  A good time had by one and all.

Busy with a ton of design work at the moment.  Doing my best to juggle like I've been on tour with the circus before.

What's happening in your world?

Ciao for now,



  1. How wonderful! I also got some daffodils yesterday:) They look so cheery and smell amazing, don't they? Btw: happy 14th birthday to Lucan! Such a cutie. xoxo

    1. you know, i never really thought of daffodils as having a 'smell'. then i put them in water yesterday and when I walked back in the room I thought 'what is the glorious smell' and look around and bam.........daffodils. hello. they smell wonderful!

  2. Replies
    1. he'd say thanks, but he's busy snoring on the couch Sam!

  3. Hooray for Lucan! Party it up, pal! Love daffodils and am kicking myself for forgetting to plant them ANOTHER year!

    1. it's actually pretty funny....he's always barked at us when we're singing dancing and laughing loud. has to get his two cents in. me too...........though i haven't had too much luck with bulbs. too many critters that eat them around our yard!

  4. Hooray! And those flowers look so pretty, they're in bloom over here, and it makes me happy seeing them in the mornings on my bikeride to work.

    1. Jealous............I bet it's absolutely gorgeous right now where you live with all the bulbs in bloom! certainly a great way to start the day!

      ps- I wore my sailor trio all weekend :) they make me smile!

    2. I'm happy you like them! I bet they enjoy being there :-)

  5. Those daffodils are SO pretty!! And I love the blue and yellow color combo.

  6. nothing brightens up a day like sunny yellow daffodils! they are busting out all up and down the roads down here.
    Happy Birthday Lucan

    1. it's true isn't it......ah, signs of spring! am I losing it..........are you on long island? please say yes, because if you have daffs we can't be far behind even if there is still snow everywhere..............


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