Monday, January 27, 2014

Shifting Focus

Keeping It Simple

When there is a lot on my plate, as there has been and continues to be, I find it helpful to stop trying to multi-task. Stop looking at the entire list. Break it down to one task at a time.

Make a conscious choice.

Choose simplicity.

I'm working on a couple of logo designs right now that are inspired by natural elements.  It's easy for me to find inspiration for that. 

Even in one small leaf.

Friday didn't end up being as productive as I would have liked. After my printer ran out of toner, my mouse and keyboard up and quit on me. Don't you just hate that?

So, by choosing to focus on simplicity, I'm hoping to set myself up for a stellar week.  No matter what challenges lie ahead.

What do you find helps you when there is a lot to be done and things don't go quite as planned?

Have a great week in your corner of the world.

Ciao for now,


  1. Ugh, I hate it when things like that slow you down. The weather has been messing us up lately. I still haven't been to my class this semester because school keeps getting cancelled... When this happens I just pick something else to work on. Haha. Or I clean the kitchen.

  2. make a nice cup of hot tea, and watch a soap opera...they always have it worse. lol

  3. Are those photo's of the leaf? They look like paintings! I really start to appreciate green stuff this winter. I hope they're a sign that spring is somewhere around the corner :-)

  4. Yes, add simplicity to grace and all is well in the world. Good luck this week ~ it will be stellar!

    1. Hi mary lynn......'the logo' i'm working on right now is quite graceful...........I wonder whose it could be.....;)

  5. What amazing photography! I hope all is good with the techie things now.

  6. Beautiful photos! As I work on simplicity in my own life ... when things don't go quite as planned instead of getting upset ... I'm starting to learn to take it as a sign from my angels that I either need to slow down - take a break (rejuvenate) or person to reassess what I'm doing at that time. Hope your week is off to an amazing start!! Hugs and Blessings, C. (HHL)

    1. Hi Celia, I like that...........when things don't happen as planned sometimes we fight it. If we take it as a sign that we need to look at things in a different way, perhaps that is what it is all about.

  7. What a brilliant post and I am all about simplicity. I love the idea of not giving into multitasking and just enjoying monotasking to the fullest. Have a wonderful day, Pam:) xoxo


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