Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let's Talk Packaging

It's In The Details

As a marketing professional, I fully understand the impact that the right packaging can have.  Whether you sell a product or a service (yes, even services can be 'packaged' to increase impact), the manner in which it is delivered can help you stand out and make a lasting impression.

It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to cost a lot. In fact, it can be quite simple.

Eau de cologne CLOUD

If you put the right components together, something can be quite memorable without a huge amount of work or expense, and can even be DIY- simple paper, made special with a stamp like the above from bobo chooses.

You might consider using labels instead of a stamp to add a personal touch to what you deliver to your customers (though this was featured on 100 layer cake as part of a wedding favors, I believe).

baguette wedding favor 

Bellybands are another way to customize your packaging. I use them when I package my stationery and they're something simple enough like the labels, that you can print and cut them yourself.  I love the simplicity and unexpected use by on baked goods {via the ginger scone diaries} making them an extra special treat.

package design for ginger scones

I had prints to ship today.  There is LOVE flying out of the studio and now on its way to customers.  I use plain white card stock for extra support of my archival prints, a plastic sleeve to protect the print, good old paper clips to hold everything in place during shipping and a pop of color thanks to washi tape.

I also attach a Bates Mercantile Co. notecard to the front, with a handwritten note of thanks inside.

To finish it all off, I draw flowers on the outside of the brown kraft rigid envelopes I use for shipping, just for one last personal touch.

I've received a good few notes back from customers saying they loved the packaging and that's exactly the response you should be looking for too.

I have ordered things from other etsy shop owners, and for the most part, there is usually something in the packaging that makes it stand out. The few times I've received something without, that has also made an impression on me, and I doubt it's the one shop owners are really wanting to put out to the world.

So, the next time you have to package something for a customer or even a gift, remember that sometimes it's the little touches that make all the difference.

Did you notice what was being shipped out today? It's all about LOVE. Valentine's Day must be in the air!

Do you ship items to customers and if you do, is your packaging making the impression you want? What things do you incorporate in your packaging to stand out?

As I said, even if you have a service, you can still 'package what you do for clients' in a way that adds extra value.  When I send branding designs to clients, I don't just send a file with the design. I send it as part of a branding board which can include colors, patterns, and fonts as well as how their logo incorporated into collateral samples like business cards.  This has made a huge difference for myself and my clients because it helps illustrate what I envision for their brand and how it will work for them.

If you're not packaging things in a way that makes it a little more special, how can you change that?

Want more inspiration? Follow my packaging board on pinterest, it runs the full gamut from easy and handmade, to professionally designed.  Tons to draw from as you consider your own packaging.

**If there are some images that aren't centered, I apologize. Funky stuff going on in blogger today. Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up in the air and go with it.

Lots of design work today. I may be juggling, but I'm still focused on simplicity and one task at a time. Hhhmmmm, where I'd hear that before?

Have a fantastic day!

Ciao for now,



  1. I love pretty packaging! And you have fabulous business cards :-) I send brooches and magnets in a glassine bag, notebooks together with heart confetti and bags in homemade wrapping paper. Even if people order something for themselves, I want them to think they received a gift. I love it when I order something and attention had been payed to how it's wrapped.

    1. THAT's IT!!! so when your customer receives it, even if it's for themselvs it feels like a gift!!! love glassine bags. i bet that looks supper sweet.

  2. Yep, I love pretty packaging too! I do not like to receive an item I've purchased on Etsy without any type of thank you note ~ even a scribble would be fine, at least it's an acknowledgement or appreciation of your business.
    Ohh, I can't wait to have my new logo so we can do branding with pretty packaging!!! :>)
    No rush though, I really can wait :>)
    Have an awesomely creative day!

    1. Mary Lynn....me too! When I get something from an etsy shop, and it's not a supply, but something someone handmade, I feel a little disappointed when they don't take the time to package it nicely. That's one of the reasons we shop with small business, because they give you more personal service than the big box stores. at least that is how i feel. all of that goes toward creating a favorable or unfavorable opinion of your brand.

  3. I wrap up my items in tissue paper and tied with a pretty ribbon. And I add a small gift and a hand written thank you card. But I would like to have a "uniform" type of shipping stuff to include my brand. Once I figure out what I want my brand to look like. lol

  4. I always wrap my items in white tissue and tie with 4 strands of red and white baker's twine. I then write a handwritten thank you on my business card that is tucked underneath the twine.

    1. Love bakers twine.Simple, classic, ....nostalgic even. I think just a little handwritten note can make all the difference. It is such an easy way to set yourself apart as a small seller.............it's not likely you'd get the same personal touch from large stores. Thanks for your comment Chocolate Dog!

  5. I'm a bit sound of music in my choice- brown paper packages tied up with string...

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