Friday, January 24, 2014

Freeform Friday: In My Corner Of The World

Caution: Printer Low On Toner

Here we are. Another Friday. The end to a productive week.

It was going to be even more productive when I shared my Valentine's Day printable gift wrap set, but lo and behold, the toner is low on my printer so it was only printing very faded versions of the paper.  This in turn made it impossible to shoot the paper 'in action' so to speak. So it will have to wait for next week. Good thing I was ahead of the Valentine's Day game.

Instead, a little glimpse into my world this week.

Today, it is holy-hannah-take-your-breath-away-freezing here.  We are in the single digits and it feels anywhere from -5F to -15.  Thankfully the woodstove is crankin'.

If you go outside, it's not for any length of time unless your keen on freezing your hot patootie right off.  Getting more wood for the fire is a quick trip. The good news is, the sun is shinning against a pretty blue sky. Those aren't clouds.........just woodstove doing its thing. Like it has been all week.

Lucan dog has staked out his position daily. On the futon, doggie blankie in tow, right next to the woodstove.

Oh, the life of a dog.

I've been reading before I go to bed this week. I'm just about finished with To Kill A Mockingbird, again.

I started it in the fall (no kidding), but it's a beat up old pocket book with really, really small print and I need to get stronger readers to be able to read it in bed (which is where I do most of my reading).  Finally got a pair and it's so much easier to read, so only have about 20 pages left. If you have never read this book, it is a must. If you have read it, read it again.  Truly, every turn of the page has me shaking my head at the unbelievable writing and story telling.  That's a feat for a book I've read before (and will read again).  It's simply brilliant.  Scout, Jem, Atticus, Dill, ....these characters stay with you forever. The movie? One of the few that you can say is as good as the book. Read the book, it's like watching the movie. Watch the movie, it's like reading the book.

Once I'm done with that, I'll be doing more of that 'goal' setting work I've been telling you about.  My book from Danielle Laporte arrived and I can't wait to delve into it.

I've been working on a lot of logo designs this week.  Creating new ones, revisions on others. Oh and corresponding with and talking to clients from all over (.....Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, California, and throw in Kuala Lumpur for good measure), to get more insight into what they want their logo to represent and the tweaks they want to get it just right. Pretty much what the rest of my day looks like today. Great way to round out the week.

What has been happening in your corner of the world? Is it cold? Or are you swimming in the sunshine? Has it been a busy week with multiple projects, or a quieter one where you've been able to take some time for you? Tell me all about it.

Freeform Friday

Since it's so cold, I need a song that feels a little less frozen. The beat of this makes it feel sunny, never mind the location of the video shoot. So, here's some Mr. Mraz for you. Click here if you're reading via email.

No plans for the weekend at all. Well, other than some work at my desk so I'm ahead of the game come Monday. Oh, and hunkering down by the fire and maybe 'scooch a little closer' to the G man just to stay warm..  What are you up to?

Ciao for now,


  1. Hi sound positively inspired! Now i have a hankering for some Gregory Peck and a walk in our brisk weather here in Canada-land!

    This weekend is going to be kicked off with my escape (with a friend) to the neighborhood pub for wings and a pint while our husbands feed and put the kids to bed! One of our littles has a birthday party to attend, so I suspect wrestling with wrapping paper and bows is also on the agenda at some point :(

    Happy snuggling!

    1. Whoa............can I tag along? A pint and wings? hello.

      gold stars for the hubbies!!! hoorah!

      enjoy the weekend. don't get all wrapped up in ribbons and bows!

  2. Lucan looks so snuggly warm!
    To Kill a Mockingbird is the best book! nice choice, I may need to revisit it as well.
    We are freezing here In Baltimore, hon- I haven't walked the dogs in days- my teeth hurt just walking out the door.
    I have been going through all of my Mothers' belongings this week- it has been met with mixed emotions and has been fun and sad all along the way. I am learning so much about my Mom just from what she has saved- hard to believe she had a life before me! Odd that we are SO similar- I wish she was here so I could ask her questions, hug her and give her a high five! Ahhh memories....hope you have a great weekend Pam!

  3. I wish I was swimming in the sunshine, but here in NC it's just too stinkin cold! but at least we don't have snow. Wishing I had a fireplace tonight with the wind howling outside my window. Enjoy your cuddle.

  4. Your dog looks so comfy over there! To Kill a Mockingbird is on my to read list. I wish a was a faster reader, cause the list keeps getter longer and longer!

  5. Lucan is totally adorable and he looks so comfy on that photo :) I love dogs. Have a wonderful start to the week, lovely. xo

  6. That's the same version of To Kill A Mockingbird that I have! And yes, the movie is pretty good as far as adaptations go. We watched in high school after we finished the book unit.


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