Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Inspires You Wednesday: Clean It Up

Clean Design

There is a lot of good design out there which makes it easy to be inspired by other artists.  

I'm especially inspired when artists can keep things clean, simple and minimal, yet still design something that carries weight, a clear message and has impact {in fact, most often more impact than it would otherwise}.

I'm absolutely blown away by the simple design of this logo and website, by a 20 something UK designer Colin Grist. 

Yes. 20 something.

Colin has a fantastic eye and looks like he's been perfecting his design skills for years. 

I think everything about Cornelia and Company's branding is just right.

The simplicity of the logo, the colors, the packaging. Their retail design is something special too.  OK, I admit, I love everything about Cornelia and Company. What's not to love about a 'daily picnic store', that has goods ready to create a well planned or impromptu picnic? Don't we all need more picnics in our lives? I can see a feature for Cornelia and Company in a future 'Let's Shop Here' post. If I could only hop a flight to Barcelona, and give it a personal review.................someday, perhaps.

 My latest logo designs, including the homestead handmade premade logo, fall into the clean category. Simple, straightforward, not so busy that it takes away from the design.

Here's a premade logo I've just designed. As it's pretty new, the exclusivity add on is still available on this one, which means it can be all yours and nobody else's. Making it one of a kind and unique to you and your business. Always what I would suggest to my customers.

The business card design continues the clean direction of the homestead handmade logo.  

Design of business cards is also available

Now, if I could only get my home and office to match this clean aesthetic......I think I'm about to undertake a major purging of 'stuff'. We all need to do that time to time.

What's inspiring you today?

Much to be done...........and she's off!

Ciao for now,

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  1. Very cool. Since I've spent most of my life on the prairie, I especially love the Homestead Handmade design.


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