Thursday, August 22, 2013

What I Had Planned

Pins and Needles

So I put together Pin Worthy post featuring some of my favorite Pinterest pins. Then, a glitch. When I went to save my graphic, lines running through things.


I'll be trying to figure out what the heck is going on for tomorrow's post, but for now.

This.....................a break from the work in front of you.

The 'so called Blue Moon' this week. I call it so called, because there was a definition I'd never heard of which says, that if a season has four full moons, the third is a full moon. The only definition I'd known before was the second full moon in a month. But who am I to argue.

It was pretty. And it wasn't really blue. It was pink.

I caught it setting over the field yesterday morning.

and last night.............

Sunset Meadows


Now, back to our regularly scheduled work load.

I do hope you enjoy the day. It's a summer hot one here. Pool later. For sure.

Ciao for now,


  1. very pretty. we had an awesome moon the other night...but my pics didn't turn out very well.

    1. so pretty and BIG. i haven't figured out the right way to take night moon pics either. i need lessons.

  2. Tried finding the moon last night with my grandsons at our campground.... however it was not yet visible before their bedtime!

    1. back to the cape? do you guys have a seasonal spot? if you ever want to switch and go north, one of my clients has a campground in the white mountains on the israel river. it didn't come up for me in time last night either - kept looking while i was in the pool but no luck. and wasn't up quite as early to catch it this morn. wish the pics showed how big it really was.

  3. The pictures are great--I especially like the first one!


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