Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best Foot Forward

Two Cents, Please

I've been working on updating some of my graphic design listings in my etsy shop.  Specifically my logo designs. I want to show them off in the best way possible, so I'm always trying new things in hopes of doing that.

This week, I've been placing my logo designs over some of my photos. I'm hoping to show visually just how the logos might look once they're being used for branding.

I'd love your feedback.

Shown before like this:

Now shown like this:

Premade Logo Design, Logo for Etsy Shop or Business, Logo Designs, Logo Designer

Shown before like this:

Now shown like this:
Premade Logo, Premade Logo Design, Logo Design,
Shown before like this:
Now shown like this:
Custom Logo Design: Logo Design, Custom OOAK Logo Design, Busines Branding with Three Logo Concepts
Shown before like this:
Now shown like this:
Logo Design Custom:  Logo Design OOAK, Logo Custom Design, Graphic Design, Business Branding with Three Logo Design Concepts
For now, I'm creating two listings- one with just the logo as the lead photo and the other with the logo over a photo as the lead picture.
I know you guys are a good sounding board, so what do you think? Does it help visually to see how the logos would work over a photo?
In other logo news, I've been adding some more premade logo designs to the shop including....
Premade Logo, Premade Logo Design, Logo Customized for Your Business
Custom Logo Design: Logo Custom Designed for Your Business, Brand Identity, Logo Design
and this:
Logo Design, Premade Logo Design, Custom Logo Designer, Custom Logos
Of course, as always, custom logo designs are also available. They really are the best way to get a logo that speaks to your business and your market. However, the premade logos are a great budget-friendly option that have worked great for people and that I have fun designing.
Do you have a logo?
If you don't, I'd love to talk to you.
Do you have one, but it's not quite it? Shoot me a line (upper right sidebar email link). 
I work one on one and provide personalized service so you get a great logo that represents your business and helps you grow.
And in case you didn't know, I design other business collateral like business cards, postcards, brochures, and even design email campaigns.
Over and out. Hey, don't forget to give me your two cents.....or two bucks to account for inflation.
Glorious summer day here that is sure to end 'in the pool' with another beautiful sunset. Hope yours is as nice.
Ciao for now,



  1. Hey Pam,
    As a fellow graphic designer my opinion is to show the logo first without a photo. When used on letterhead, business cards, etc. most likely it will be against a solid background I would assume. And it's a cleaner look too.
    By the way, they all look good, glad you're doing well with them!

    1. Hey Kathy, I appreciate your feedback! So here's where there's a hitch.......on pinterest, the logos that are placed in front of the photos are getting pinned pretty well and I get a lot of shop traffic from pinterest. So I think what I'll do is what I mentioned above..........keep a listing with the logo only for a cleaner look in main pic. And then a second listing with the logo over the photo as main pic for a different look. Where they're premade logos, there's more than one available of each (unless someone purchases the OOAK add on). I hear you on the cleaner look though, for sure.


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