Monday, August 19, 2013

Still Life: White


Last year we transplanted a big hydrangea from my Mother. We weren't sure if it would take, though by all accounts, it seemed to acclimate pretty darn well after the transplant.

We had to wait until this year to be sure and it's been looking pretty happy.

It's bloom time now and it has survived and thrived.


Weekend Roundup

It was a beautiful weekend. Ours included:

- Campfire with friends and neighbors Friday night and a new soup recipe getting the thumbs up.
- Swimming in the pool.
-Weeding my front walk way. I also sprayed it with a white vinegar and water solution to kill the ones I couldn't pull and deter new growth. I'm happy to report that it worked like a charm. The weeds I sprayed died overnight. Poof. Shriveled up, crispy, gone. 
- Laundry. When isn't that on the list? However, since we put ours on the line to dry, we try to take full advantage of the nice weather when it's here.
- Campfire Saturday night and fresh Hake from our friend Ralph, cooked over the campfire, with some fries.


- Chilling with the neighborhoodlums. 

That's enough for one weekend, isn't it?

Sunset Meadows

Almost forgot........and enjoying this beautiful sunset.


Lots on the plate today. Some design tweaking. Bookwork. Oh, and laundry out to the line since it's so nice out.  What's happening where you are?

Ciao for now,

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  1. What a beautiful sunset! And the hydrangea is looking lovely, nice job! :)


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