Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Inspires You Wednesday


Let's Start A Wave Of Inspiration

Here's the really wonderful thing about the worldwide web. It is absolutely full of inspiration. Whether I'm on facebook, etsy, pinterest or searching for something on google, or just meandering around, I am astounded by the plethora (there's a word we don't use enough) things that inspire me. Some have deep meaning, and others just make me think 'I might be able to do that', while others get me thinking and planning.

Can you relate?

Wednesday is upon us and what better way to mark the middle of the week, with a little inspiration to see us through to the weekend.

I hope you'll join in, share a link to What Inspires You Wednesday here or on our facebook page where I hope to start a wave of inspiration and positivity.

Come on! What's better than some inspiration and positivity?

Here's what's inspiring me today. Be sure to check out what's inspring me today on our facebook page. You won't believe the photo. I need to pack my suitcase  now.

* Beautiful shape and layers of color
in this pouch bowl via studio joo.
It looks like agate. Inspiring talent.
*Gorgeous, well planned cottage garden via Colonial Williamsburg.
It inspires me to redo all of my flower beds. Well, certainly at least one.
*Ikat! Love this vintage wallpaper via element style.
Love all of its forms and colors. It inspires me to work on a new design for the shop. If only I could get through what is on my desk.
*The ridiculously silly llama via miller sye
inspires me to smile more often. It's that simple.
*Hot pink paper dahlias via paper altar inspire me
to try a new craft.  It's been a while.
Noah's Ark Rescue and their work on behalf of abused dogs is really inspiring me. I've supported their work with Freckles which you can read about here (but be forewarned some of the pictures are graphic and disturbing). Suffice it to say, that this poor pooch suffered unthinkable abuse yet his spirit to survive is winning out. If I could have a tenth of the strength and spirit that Freckles has shown through his recovery, I'd be a better person. 
So, what I'd like to know is, what's inspiring you?  I'd love it if you left a comment about, or a link to, what is inspiring you lately. There are no rules. It can be moving, motivational, silly, or what have you, as long as it's inspiring you. And remember, you can join the wave of inspiration on our facebook page too!
I hope you're having a great day in your corner of the world. I have to say, that it's a wee bit gray here today.  Hmmmm, think I'll take another look at that llama.
Make it a good one.
Ciao for now,


  1. That llama is cute. What inspires me...well, worked on some bollywood hoop earrings today. Tomr we have an Indian festival called Ugadi, so kinda gearing up for that! Else, life seems good!

    1. how can that llama not make you smile?

      oooo, time to work on jewelry......lucky you!!! so is ugadi like your New Years? Love learning about different cultural traditions. I say any reason to celebrate is a good one.

      Enjoy your holiday Reshma!

  2. I think crating jewelry is one of the things I can get inspired to do. And were getting ready to travel to China in a week. Were excited! Stop by if you have time Oh! My Heartsie WW w/Linky
    Have a great week!

    1. Hi Karren, thanks so much for stopping by and I'll be sure to do the same. I guess you and Reshma are both getting inspiration from jewelry making today. Good for you. Oh, I bet you'll find tons of inspiration on your trip. It's one of my favorite things about traveling to different places. Have a great trip!

    2. Karren, I joined the linky...thanks so much. I have a blog hop too and there are still a few hours to join the current one here:

      thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Actually, I'm feeling rather inspired after watching my son try gymnastics for the first time. He really really tried and I was just so impressed by his bounce, energy and general 'throw myself right into this'. Being surrounded by little bundles of youthful energy, exploring things for the first time is pretty inspiring and makes me want to be brave and bold and go out and do something new too (even if it makes me feel a little nervous round the edges).

    1. That's awesome. I have to say, I've never been a person who likes to learn new things in front of groups of people. I could tell you a story about the time I took a ski lesson. Suffice it to say, it didn't go so well. Wish I had that devil may care attitude when it comes to learning new things. But maybe I need to do the same as you and just give something new a try.

      like a new wine ;)

  4. The children's section of the public library, that's inspiration right there! Even better when I share it with my wild, chatty, and sassy 4 year old. I'm so inspired by her love for life, even after everything she went thru this past year (leukemia warrior, one year past her diagnosis, doing really well and running us ragged).


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