Friday, April 12, 2013

Things I Overheard At The Party

Blogland Is Full of Goodness

Thanks to everyone who linked up at the Gotta Blog It Hop last Thursday and to those of you who had a look around at the blogs that joined in. There are so many great blogs out there and it's so nice that some of these bloggers hang out here.

Just to prove my point, here are my picks from the party.

top left:  Linkouture. I've been reading Bev's blog for awhile now. Number one, she cracks me up on a regular basis.  Number two, she's quite a talented jewelry designer. Number three, she might be afraid to step out of her comfort zone, but she does it anyway. 
top right: Violet's Buds. I think I met Melanie and Scott on facebook, if I remember correctly. You'll find everything from recipes, giveaways, and guest posts from artists and crafters, and shop updates. 
bottom left: Mi+Ed.  I think Mirta and I connected through etsy where she has a wonderful paper goods store.  Mirta's blog has some great artists interviews that make me want to try my hand at other things. 
bottom right: The Magical Miss. The blog of very talented photographer Abra Alani.  So enjoyable seeing what she's capturing at the moment.
So off you go to explore........but first...........
Freeform Friday
My friend's son sent me this song this morning. It made me cry. It's a beautiful story, sad at times, and beautifully sung. Some Americans may not understand the healing qualities and importance of 'tea and toast' because we're a big coffee nation, but I think because my English Gram gave me tea starting when I was little (trust me, it was very watered down and sweet) I can really relate to this song. Tea is still my morning drink of choice, and tea and toast makes everything right with the world.  Click here if you're reading via email.  
What's hot for your weekend. Ours? Oh you so want to be us.  We get to rip our nasty old shower out because it's leaking and ruining our fairly new flooring. Sweet. Yes, I am dripping with sarcasm. However, I will not be sad to see the current shower go. It's my nemesis. It was built in when we bought our home, concrete floor, tile walls which we've redone. Problem is, you can clean and clean and clean and it looks as if you've done nothing. I don't expect this little demo and installation project to go smoothly, because nothing goes that way in construction. So if i does, I will be pleasantly surprised. I will say this, I plan on having my way with the sledgehammer later and letting go of some stress.  Other than that, I am planning on a Cosmo and some youtube dancing later. It is Friday after all.
Ciao for now,


  1. Hi, Pam, thanks so much for featuring my blog and your sweet comments! Made a rainy day much brighter :-)

    1. Seriously, what is with this weather? It just started to change to sleety/hailball/snow.


  2. hello Pam, thank so much for featuring me! I see I'm in great company :)
    Over here in Italy it finally seems like spring is here, about time!
    We just did our bathroom so I know what you're going through
    I'm off exploring the other blogs..

    1. yes mirta, good company for sure. love love love your shop. can't wait to hear about the show you're participating in and new things in your line.

  3. thank you for featuring Violet's Buds! I'm so glad to have found you & your shop through Facebook :-) Now I'm off to visit the other featured blogs! Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks and scott have a great thing going! keep up the good work.


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