Monday, April 15, 2013

How We Spent Our Weekend Or What Happens When Your Shower Leaks

The other day we noticed the bathmat was wetter than it should be after a shower.  Hhhhh, what's up with that we said as we scratched our heads? Did you have the curtain pulled all the way? I think so. Hmmmm.
We investigated further to find there appeared to be a leak and it looked like it was coming from the shower.
We were right.
Here's some things you should know right off the bat:
  1. we only have one bathroom
  2. water travels wherever the hell it wants, including down the back of your shower and under your new flooring
  3. mold is seriously scary looking and scary in general
  4. yes. i said mold.
I'm sure you're getting the picture by now.  We found that the shower was in fact leaking. We spent Saturday and Sunday on demo duty. I actually enjoy a good demo, it's a super stress reliever. Until you find mold. Then, not so stress relieving.
This was pretty much our weekend.


I'd show you the mold, but really, you could be eating or something and I am not lying when I say it's scary.  Happy to report, it is confined to one corner. Thank you Lord.
I'll say this, things can always be worse.
So, the insurance company has been called and we're just waiting to hear from the adjuster.
While we're waiting, we're continuing the demo because........did I mention this is our only shower? Did I mention there is mold? Aaaaahhhhh!!!!
One more thing you should know, it was a built in shower with a concrete floor. Gar just came back with a jackhammer and said, if you thought the shopvac was loud.......funny, isn't he?
So, while things are black, and damp, and ugly, and messy, and dirty and ugly, I'm taking this opportunity to do a little dreaming of things to come. 
I figure, while we're at installing a new shower, I might as well give the old bathroom a facelift with some color.
As you can see in the pictures, it's currently stripes of the palest gray, palest blue, and a medium gray.  Which I've loved, but I'm sure after this little unexpected project, I'll be ready for a new look.
I've always loved robins egg blue. Bright or light color range. I also love a pop of coral with it. Here's some of my current color inspiration for bathroom dreaming.
1. better homes and gardens- see what I mean about the blue and coral together? Even just as pops of color. Gorgeous.
2. L Kells Antiques- love the distressed look of the palest robin's egg blue on the cabinet
3. Nan C.- I know this is gray, but I do really love it and love the wash effect whether it was gray or robin's egg blue.
4. Trouvais- again I like these distressed and aged neutrals with the blue
5. sand and sisal- so pale and pretty, light and airy.
6. bright july- love the new corals that are nearly neon. They make me happy.
7. bhg- digging the color of this map
8. annika likes- Pow. I think a little of this coral would go a long way. I can see a ouple of robin's eggs tones, or robin's egg blue and white and then BAM! a pop of coral like this scarf.
By the way, Gar was right, the jackhammer is pretty darn loud.
At least it's the sound of progress.
Other than bathroom nightmare/phase 1, we did get a campfire in and some hockey. Wish I could say we won.
Have a great Monday. It's a great day to have. Bathroom demo and all.
Ciao for now,


  1. sorry but your ability to see it as a time to transform into something fresh and new is to be admired! Hoping you have neighbors or family nearby with a clean towel and some lovely soap ready for you until you get yours back in working order!

  2. Oh, Pam, how lousy! You know I know all about bathroom demos and renos, so just keep plugging away, the more you do the faster it well get done. I like the colors you picked! We did a pale gray-blue and it's so calming to be in there. Show it off when you finish!

  3. oh, I'm sorry about the leak and the mold...but a new bathroom? how exciting!

  4. wow! Did you have a suspicion you needed to do a repair? Good thing it was only confined to one area. Mold is not good at all. However.. it is a good excuse to start knocking things down and a remodel.


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