Friday, March 8, 2013

Things I Found At The Party

The Guests Make The Party

In case you didn't know, when it comes to the success of a party it's not the appetizers you serve, it's not the bar, and it's not the music, although all of them certainly add to the atmosphere. When you get right down to it, it's the guests that make the party.

That said, the current Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It link up party is chock full of awesome people.  Talented crafters, artists, bakers, collectors and storytellers.....the list goes on.

Is it OK if I introduce a few of them to you?

top row: Dept of Agriculture Victory Garden poster via The Sunshine Grove; polka dot bolero via fox burrow vintage
middle row: necklace via Katie Bug Creations 4 U;  vintage Irving Berlin sheet music via Art's Old Sheet Music;
via Arts Old Sheet Music
bottom row: homemade strawberry ice cream via pamela’s heavenly treats;
pink and gold roping via This and That Crafter
How great is that vintage agriculture poster? The Sunshine Grove did a fantastic post on Victory Gardens. What? Never heard of a Victory Garden? Hop on over and learn a thing or two.

I love Brittany's fun style posts over at Fox Burrow Vintage. This girl knows how to piece together on-trend outfits with vintage pieces and she knows how to pick classic vintage that doesn't look dated. She's got some great new polka dot pieces in her shop to. Have I told you lately how I love polka dots. I 'borrowed' a black and white polka dot dress from my sister Gloria once......I never gave it back. I had this great wedge spectator pumps. I'll hazzard a guess I was the only kid in high school wearing a 50s style polka dot dress with spectator pumps. I SO loved that outfit.  Hmmmm, wonder if the pumps are still in my mother's attic. {Mom, get down from the attic!!!!}

Pearls are like polka dots....they never got out of style either, especially when they're in an elegant necklace like the one from Katie But Creations 4 U. Swavorski pearls set off with pretty blue and gold. Just lovely.

I've told you before that my musical tastes run the gamut. You'll find everything in our collection from the Sex Pistols to Irving Berlin. I'm a sucker for Irving Berlin. Art's Old Sheet Music has some very charming vintage illustrations and beautiful sheet music. My parents have quite the collection of vintage sheet music and have framed a few of them. The pictures on many of the covers are works of art.

I'm not just a sucker for Irving Berlin. I scream for Ice Cream. It's my favorite dessert.  As Pamela at Pamela's Sweet Treats proves, making homemade strawberry ice cream can be fun for the whole family.

Talk about sweet treats, how about a giant lolli? Gotcha. That's just Arlene's (of This and That Crafters) way of showing off her pretty pink and gold roping.  Cute, huh? If you need crafting supplies, Arlene has a bunch including some totally retro patterns.  She also happens to be one of the leaders of the treasury team I captain over on, Treasury Island.  So basically, I think she rocks.

Have you had a look at what people left behind at the party yet? You seriously do not want to miss out. Tons of great stuff and wonderful blogs and some really nice people to meet too. If you haven't linked up, it's still alive and kicking. So if you have a shop or blog, swing on by and join the fun.

Go On............Guess What It's Been Doing

Well, as they say, a pictures worth a thousand words.

 It's been snowing. Another Nor'easter. It's just stopped and we got about 12 inches, more than they thought, but we didn't suffer the brunt. The coast is getting battered by very high tides and there is another tonight that could cause serious problems for people.  Plum Island just to the South of us in Massachusetts, has already lost one house to the ocean this morning and two more are headed in the same direction.The storms this season have just been too powerful and have washed away any barrier sand and dunes that were there. So sad for those people. Tons of flooded neighborhoods as well. I really feel for them.
Funny how the season started slow with storms and now it just won't let up.
Freeform Friday
No big plans for the weekend. Just work around the house. Will probably hook up with the neighborhoodlums tonight. Tomorrow, hoping to catch the matinee Bruins game at noon. We played a great game last night and came away with the win.  Call me crazy, but I love a good physical game of hockey....well, as long as I'm not the one on the ice.  We got back into the groove of playing our brand of old school hockey, and that always makes me a happy girl.  Of course, sometimes we're a little more refined and that's good too.
Here's the Zman (coming through center ice #33). Zdeno Chara, our captain, who stands 6'9" and is the tallest NHL player.  Don't think he can do ballet? Oh yes he can. (And oh how I love the way Jack Edwards calls a game. The guy kills me.)
And to kick Friday into high's a little something that's been a Bruins tradition for years. Boy does this bring back memories of watching the Bs on channel 38 when I was a kid. Nut Rocker.
OK, enough sports nuttery. Time to get some work done so I can play later.
Happy Friday gang!
Ciao for now,
PS- if you haven't joined in the Epic Childhood memories here and here, you should. I LOVE reading everyone elses epic sure to check them out in the comments. So great!


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