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Epic Childhood Memories.....Let's Play!

Design the Life You Want to Live - Lynne Knowlton

What Made Your Childhood Epic?

I got lost in blogland the other day, finding one and then finding another through the one I was on and lo and behold I came across Lynne Knowlton's Design The Life You Want To Live. I was hooked right away. Her honesty in the face of great adversity, her humor, her way of making you feel like you were sitting in a room with a girlfriend chatting all spoke to me.

Today I am so hopping on her bandwagon. As I checked my inbox this morning, there was Lynne's latest post '36 Ways to Tell If Your Childhood Was Epic'.  She asked her followers to add to the list, which I did. But it wasn't enough. I want to think about more of my memories and I want to hear yours.

Want to play?

Childhood Epicness

1. Chocolate pudding parfaits in my Mom's special tupperware pudding parfait cups with covers
2. Having to be called in for supper and again for kids play outside anymore?
3. Dawn dolls
4. hiding in the loft of the hardware store my parents owned watching the customers without them knowing
5. five and dimes
6. My mom and her group of lady friends planting themselves in beach chairs and us at the beach for hours of fun playtime
7. matchbox cars (ok, they were my brothers but I still to this day love 'em) and the orange track I used to clip onto the desk in the living room for the steepest hill
8. Mom and Dad's box of 45s which we listened, sang and danced to for hours on end
9. big wheels, the kind you eat (get a load out of the size of the twinkies in the commercial!)
10. big wheels, the kind that you rode
11. making blanket tents on our beds which were white wrought iron making them great for tying things to
12. back jack gum, blechk. still don't like it.
13. riding in the back of Uncle Johns truck with the rest of the neighborhood kids and nobody died
14. Dad letting me take the wheel of the car while sitting on his lap wearing no seatbelt.......gasp!
15. laying on a blanket in the backyard eating Doritoes with my best friend Tina. They were new and we couldn't get enough nacho cheese.
16. Wanting to stay up for Happy Days but having to listen to it from my bedroom while the rest of my family laughed through the whole thing
17. The record player in the living room that played 33s, 45s and 78s
18. Playing for hours in the woods and fields in our neighborhood without our Mother worrying where we were
19.  Clean, fresh, stiff pants off the line
20.  My parents LBJ day celebrations- wow, what a party!
21. Our picnic table painted red, white and blue like the the flag for the Bicentennial
22. Catholic Women's Club fashion shows we'd have to take part in. If I remember right, our friend Mr. Hughes one did a bit like he was part of it dressed in a barrel
23. bare feet on cool grass in the summer
24. Donny Osmond, Go Away Little Girl played on end (sorry Mom)
25. Waiting for my Dad to get home from work and running to see he the second he did, no matter what we were playing in the neighborhood
26. Mom's wig on the styrofoam wig head and teasing comb- every self respecting woman had them
27. My brothers slot car track in the basement. Yeehaw, let's go racing!
28. The ping pong table my parents got all of us kids one Christmas
29. I added this to the list over at Lynne's place: Mother May I, Red Light Green Light, Sardines in a Can, Doctor Doctor, Blind Man's Bluff
30. This of summer clothes and winter clothes and them all smelling like moth balls when they came out for the season
31. Our station wagon with the pop up floor seat in the way back
32. The dancing hotdogs and popcorn short promoting the concession stand at the drive in
33. The ceramic black panther that sat on the porch windowsill
34. hours and hours and hours of playing Barbie in my father's shed which we took over for Barbieville
35. The Smokey The Bear game I used to play with Uncle George
36. polyester pant suits. my sister had one with a Naugahide vest and she thought she was too cool for school (you did too Di!)

What made your childhood epic? 

Add to the list by posting in comments with a number and a memory. Let's see how many we can think of.....In fact, I did a similar list before if you want to read more about my epic childhood. I'd link it here, if I could only find it.

Can't wait to see what you all list...........and doesn't matter what decade you were born.

Ready, set, go!

Ciao for now,


  1. Pam I thought of these while reading yours...Girl Scout camp in real tents out in the wilderness; summer playground and hours of mancala that we all played; transistor radios; dodge ball; tarred roads newly sprayed every summer getting all over the bottom of your new shoes and trying to hide it from mom because she told us not to cross them; hand me down clothes making you feel like a million bucks!

  2. wow, I remember most of them from my childhood too. lol. especially the pop up seat in the stations wagon. lol
    you just gave me an idea for my blog topic tomorrow.
    Thanks. :0)

    1. Agh, the pop up seat- for us it was in the bench seat of a ute (pickup)

  3. Mom and Dad trying to cheer me up while sick and "stars" from chicken and stars soup coming out of my nose :)
    Gross, but epic! As it happened on more than one occasion :)

  4. Oh my! I don't think I can beat THE most epic comment above from Story Tellers Vintage!!!
    But I'll try...
    being let loose on my friends farm - we would roam and roam out to the edges of things, forests, fields, lochs...we went so far sometimes I didn't know if we would find our way back.

    1. My friends farm too; getting my gumboots (wellingtons) stuck in the squelchy knee deep cow shit/mud mire at a field gate and being sovstuck tgat i had to take my feet out of the boots ttrying to get my feet out...squelch squelch barefoot through the muddy cowshit

  5. Pam...think ill be doing a post about many things floating around. Just hope I can make such good ones for our little guy!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I remember many of the same things. Barbie dolls, blow-up wading pools, learning to ride without my training wheels. Then as a teenager, riding around singing to the Beatles, tp'ing (or as we called it in the south, rolling) yards. Fun times.


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