Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adding To Yesterday's Epic Childhood List

There's Always More

Currently I'm playing games with my computer. It keeps shutting down on me. Hmmm. I've now just done a super-duper heavy duty cleaning complete with vac and compressed air. Hoping it does the trick but I'm not so sure. In the meantime, I'm trying to delete unnecessary files and purge my email inbox. Fun. And I have work on my desk. Ugh.

This is why I'm simply adding to yesterdays Epic Childhood List. For some reason, it didn't go out in email, so if that's the way your read the Muse, scroll down a bit, it's probably below this one. Otherwise, you'll find it here.

here's some more childhood epicness

37. Chinese stand up
38. graham crackers in milk when I was sick
39. Little House on the Prairie....the books, not the show....the entire set
40. hopscotch
41. Miss Mary Mac
42. my sister Dianne singing Home on The Range to me, to get me to go to sleep
43. my brother Bill jumping from tree to tree in the forest and falling to the ground and getting what was probably a concussion
44. sloppy joes
45. doodle art
46. birthday parties.....AT HOME....with pin the tail on the donkey, a cake baked by my mom, and good bags
47. walking uptown to buy penny candy at Marelli's and always being scared of not being able to open the door which had and still has a big old door handle on it that you had to hit it just the right way...much easier when I got taller

What about you? Share some of yours in comments!

Keeping fingers crossed on computer front. Just want to get my work done is all.

Ciao for now,

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  1. So many memories, but the one that springs to mind is floating down the river on lilos (air mattresses), purple mouthed, with an esky (cool box/chilly bin) full of black berries floating behind after a day of blackberry picking!! EPIC.


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