Sunday, February 24, 2013

Amazing Story, Amazing Photographs

Finding Vivian Maier

I came  across this trailer yesterday. It's for a new documentary 'Finding Vivian Maier'. When I saw her photographs, it was absolutely mind blowing to me that they were hidden away, unknown to anyone but Vivian herself for many, many years. They may have been lost forever if they hadn't fallen into the right hands at an auction. We would have missed out on the incredible work of this very closed, but extremely talented woman. If you're reading by email, watch here.

Enjoy your Sunday.

It's the Daytona 500 today, and we do enjoy a race. For the first time in history, a woman is on the pole, which means Danica Patrick is driving the lead car to start the race. Now, I can't say Danica herself 'floats my boat' so to speak. She rarely smiles which bugs me and I wish, as a woman breaking barriers in racing, that she had chosen to associate herself with a company with a less overtly sexual advertising campaign than Go Daddy. It's not the I mind someone using all the tools they have at their disposal, including their beauty and sexuality, but I guess I just wish it wasn't the first woman to make great strides in racing. There's so much talk about her sexuality and her beauty, that it overshadows the fact that she's a damn good driver. I hope today she silence all the superfluous chatter about her outward appearance, and show the world what she should really be known for and that's her skills behind the wheel.

I'm going to make a new queso dip for the race, along with bloody mary shooters I found on pinterest this week.  An afternoon treat to look forward to.

Hey, it's the start of the racing season at one of the best tracks....this is cause for celebration people.

I know, I'm such a sports nerd.

Ciao for now,


  1. there's something special about pictures in black and white...very compelling. I would love to see this whole movie.

    1. I agree. Sometimes black and white catches even more emotion because there are no colors to distract the eye.

      I definitely want to see this movie......such an interesting story.


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