Friday, February 22, 2013

A Garden In Winter

To Prove My Point

Yesterday I told you that despite the fact that I don't have what I'd call a 'green' thumb, I am able to keep some things alive.  I also told you that I make my thumb look a little greener by keeping the flowers that work in my garden, and not trying to hard with the ones that put up a fight. If flowers like it in my gardens, they stay. If they don't, I just don't bother trying to force the point.

Since we are still in the midst of Winter here, I thought some Summer color might be in order.

These are some of the flowers from my gardens that require very little work.

Top Row:  left- Tiger Lily. I think some people call them ditch lilies because you might see them along side of the road in ditches. These are easy as they come. I got mine from my sister Dianne and she brought hers from her first home and transplanted them. They spread and grow like wild fire so you can keep splitting them each year and making more groupings.  right- Bee Balm. I love Bee Balm for a few reasons. Butterflies, hummingbirds and hummingbird moths love the stuff, and they bloom right at 4th of July and remind me of fireworks. They bloom for a good while too, and then have second lesser blooming, so they give me color July and August.  I will say this, I had one group that just up and disappeared one year to the next. I replanted new ones and they were good to go. Could just be the cycle of this plant.

Middle Row: left- Milk Weed. It's called a weed for a reason. It grows like a weed and most people pull it up. I think it's far too pretty. The flower are almost like they're made of hard wax and flower shaped and butterflies can't get enough of the stuff. If it gets where I don't want it, it's easy enough to pull out from where the stalk meets the dirt.  It smells heavenly. right- I was thinking this was aster, but now that I look at it again, I think it's Chamomile. I'm not even sure I planted it, it may have planted itself like the milkweed, but I just let it do it's thing. 

Bottom Row- left- a type of primrose.  I got it from my neighbor and my sister got it from me and so did my mother. My mother thinks it gets messy, but my sister and I have been able to keep it in groupings. Happy yellow flower.  right- Day lily. Wish I new the name of this one, but my neighbor bought it for me a plant auction fundraiser so I don't know. Love the ruffled edge. The day lilies are easy as pie and put on quite a show.

Top Row: left- Hosta is not only a great green foundation planting that can fill some big spaces as it grows. It also gets a pretty purple flower. You can divide it easily even though it might be a bit tough to get through with a shovel or spade. It recovers just fine. I think these were another that came from my sister's first house, to her second house, and then to mine.  right- Phlox. This is a plant that I tried before and didn't have luck with, but gave a second chance and it's done just fine. Depending on the flower, I'll do that, but if it doesn't take the second time....forget it.

Bottom:  Chive.  One of my prettiest herb plants and delicious in salads and soups. Think I got a plant from my Mom's yard have divided and divided over again to fill new spots in the garden. It requires just about no attention at all, like the tiger lilies.

Do you have go to flowers that make gardening more fun and easy, than toil and trouble?

Here I am, dreaming of Summer before Spring even arrives...............what's a girl to do?

Freeform Friday

I love how easily Melanie Pain sings this little song just sitting in her bed with her keyboard accompaniment.  Lovely. Click here if you're reading by email.

No big plans this weekend, though we might get together the neighborhoodlums tonight.  Supposed to be another storm coming in Saturday night that could bring 6-12 inches of snow- as least as of now. You know how that can change.

What are you up to? Hanging in the homestead or planning to be out and about?


  1. beautiful! I can't wait till summer...and you have some great plants there for butterflies...especially the milkweed.

    1. i love having butterflies and hummingbirds flitting about. and the most definitely love the milkweed. there's always tons of them on plants.

  2. This is awesome. I'm so going to take tips from your blog once I ave my own garden to play with! :) Look at all the lovely colors. Oh and I like your new banner/layout! :)

    1. You know, if you don't have space, you can always do some things with container planting!!! Thanks dana, layout a serious work in progress.....not enough time in the day.

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