Thursday, February 21, 2013

Did you know?

 A Few Things You Might Not Know About Me

In no particular order.................

1. I have a pet peeve about people not pushing their chairs in. What? They think someone else is going to do it for them?

2. This one will floor you. I was voted 'most talkative' in high school along with my pal Ralph.

3. I am the youngest of 5 children.

4. I broke my toe in college. All I did was get up out of bed. My leg was asleep and my toe hit the cold linoleum and snapped. The doctor at the ER wanted to wait for the surgeon to reset it because it was an extra special 'spiral' break diagonally from the top of my toe to the bottom. I waited all day in the emergency room only to the ER doctor have to set it because the surgeon was delayed. Then, I had to have it reset by the surgeon a week later which meant he had to break it again. He said, "HOW did you do this?". I said, I got out of bed.  Thank God my Aunt Marie was with because it was not a nice doctor visit. Sure, it was quick but it hurt like hell. I cried.

5. Hanging out with Billy Idol while I was in college, was not an unusual occurrence. He was a very good friend of my godparent's son.  Those were the days.  The first time I met him, I was actually with my parents who took me and my friend to his first concert at our beach right after Hot in The City came out. We were too young to get in without them. It was their anniversary. The things you do for your children.  My father got us backstage and asked Billy if his mother knew he was wearing his 'skivvies' on stage. Mortified. I've seen Billy more than anyone else and he and Steve Stevens are still two of my very favorite rock n' rollers. My parent's even recognized then what a fantastic guitarist Steve is.

6. I've never been west of Effort, PA. At least I don't think I have.

7. I broke another toe when I was rushing down the stairs of our first apartment to get to a client meeting. My big toe got stuck in the hem of my palazzo pants and the toe I was balancing on, trying not to fall, could only take so much. When it 'let go' I went face first down a good flights of stairs and hit the steel door at the bottom. It hurt. Then, I got up. Limped to the car, and went to my appointment. I swear, I really am not that klutzy.

8. I met my husband one night when my college pal said she was going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with some friends and did I want to go. He was a friend of her friend and we've pretty much been together since that night. Kismet.

9. I went to college in the Bronx. Yes. The Bronx. However, once you stepped on campus, you'd never know it. Beautiful campus right on the Hudson with a view of the city and the Pallisades. I was happy because I was a 15 minute drive to the city, and my parents were happy because I was 10 minutes from my Gramps, Aunt and Uncles and Godparents.

10. I don't have what you'd call a 'green thumb', but I can keep some things alive. If something does well in my garden, like day lilies, I plant more and get rid of the stuff that's fussy.

I suggest you get some day lilies.

And have a listen to the very talented Steve Stevens. He is one serious axe-man.  Click here if you're reading via email.

Ciao for now,


  1. If you ever do make it west of PA Colorado is fantastic!

    1. did I tell you that I interviewed for school in co....either uc at denver or denver university. it is so long ago i can't remember. then i decided it was too far.

  2. that is so cool you hung out with Billy Idol! I can't believe you've broken 2 toes. I thought when you broke toes there wasn't much you could do about it. I've jammed my pinky toe pretty bad once. I was convinced it was broken. It healed out after a month or so.

    1. isn't it funny.......he's quite the character that billy.

      i know....two? what the heck. they really can't do anything. the first one was only set because it was that weird spiral break. the second one I didn't even bother going to hospital for. just hopped around. you probably did break it. my sisters have broken their toes too. one just walking in the ocean at our beach. the water is so cold she didn't know til she came out and it thawed out. the other one dropped a heavy spaghetti pot on hers.

      so silly

  3. oww, oww, oww...I cringe just thinking about broken toes...

    1. oh, i know. i can't even imagine breaking something larger. gives me the heebie jeebies.


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