Friday, September 21, 2012

End of Summer Party!

Saying Goodbye To Summer In A Fun Way

I was so wrapped up in catching up on things at my desk this week, that it totally slipped my mind that yesterday was Thursday. In fact, it was the Gotta Have It - Gotta Blog It Thursday that wasn't. You see every two weeks I'm a party hostess, and I invite all my friends who have online handcraft and vintage shops and blogs to link up. It's a gathering that certainly all about fun, but it's also a place for these independent, small business owners to mingle and meet new people; a place for artisans, craftspeople and bloggers to spread the word about their stuff. It's a place for those of you who hang here at the Muse to see all the variety of things to discover on this biggo world wide web.  Alas, this week, due to my confusion about the days of the week, we're partying today. Friday. Which also happens to be the last day of summer.

I hate to say goodbye to Summer. I admit, Fall used to be my favorite season until we bought our little home with the pool (a life long dream by the way....aaahhh, a pool). Now, I can't get enough of summer because it equals pooltime, so it saddens me to say, that although I was hoping to get another dip in, I may have swum my last swim this year.  Insert 'I Love Lucy' wwwaaaaaahhh. 

All in all though, I can look back on Summer and say, it was good. It was chock full. It was what Summer is all about. Friends, family, enjoying nature and good weather, and of course good times. So before we start the party, I'd like to tip my hat to the season that just was. A season that included: NYC, a wedding (or two), margaritas in the pool, 4th of July Lobster Bake......

......Sunday drives, flowers galore, sunsets to match, said goodbye to a dear friend, hay bales ready to roll, a photo challenge on the Muse, visitors from Dublin, more visitors from Dublin and our most recent visitors from Dublin, Beantown, just a little singing and dancing and a boatload of full throttle fun.

How was your Summer? Was it low key or jam packed like ours?

Hey....did you see the September Giveaway? It's ridiculous. Really. I don't want you to miss it. Actually, what I don't want you to miss is the chance to win $180+ of handmade & vintage goodness. Go here to enter!

Ready to party? Remember, even if you don't own an etsy shop or online business and you don't blog, you are still invited to this party. It's a fun place to window shop and see what you might have been missing until now.

If you are linking up, please read the Rules of the House before doing so:
*If you take part in the link up, you will go on a list of participants and receive an e-mail from me (from the address pbates at speakeasyinfo dot net) when the next link up party is underway.
*If you like Mercantile Muse enough to link up at the party, I ask that you follow too. There are several different ways to follow in the sidebar. 
*You'll also find Bates Mercantile Co. here: facebook, pinterest, twitter. It'd be great to connect with you any way I can.
*Don't link and run. Be kind and check out each other's links. It's all about supporting each other after all. 
*Will you share a link to the party? It benefits us all--- blog, tweet, facebook, share on your etsy team if you're on one, etc. If you blog and are so inclined to grab a button (from Mercantile Muse's button page) and feature it on your blog, that would be, as we say 'round these parts, wicked awesome.  Everyone is welcome here, so be sure to tell your friends.
Be sure to check back next Monday when I feature some things I've found through the link up. It might even be you.
Time to get our party on (if you're reading by email click here).

Freeform Friday
If this song isn't stuck in your head from the Summer playlist, I don't know what is.  And yes, I admit it, you could have seen me on the dancefloor a few times this Summer, singing, dancing and of course, doing the universal sign for 'call me'.  Just the like the US Olympic Swim team. Personally, I think I like the underwater robot the best. Click here if you're reading by email.
Happy Friday!
Ciao for now,


  1. Thanks for all your hard work!
    Love the end of summer post!

    1. thank YOU for participating! it makes my day. it was a good summer, yes? just always gone to soon. :(

  2. Thanks for the party Pam - summer feels like a blur, but I always like the change of seasons...your lobster/clam image is making me drool. Good thing is, around here, it's clam bake season :)

    1. so glad you made it laura!

      the lobsters have been as cheap as bologna this year-- hurrah!

  3. Pam! I LOVE that vid...just watched it twice! Perfect way to close out my Friday.
    I want to reblog it and link back you! :)
    Your summer recap is awesome!

    1. isn't it a hoot?

      please reblog at will. ton of fun, yes?

  4. Hate to see summer go. Looks like yours was full of good times. Thanks for the party :)

    1. me too! i so want just ONE MORE SWIM.

      thanks for coming Marci!

  5. Especially love the crocheted bead bracelet and the green quartz earrings and adore they grey three quarter sleeve shrug!!!

    Thanks for sharing! So excited to have found y'all. Followed on FB and Twitter


    1. Hi Shirley....there always lots to discover at the party. So glad you made it.

  6. Hey Pam, I'm trying to Blog from Hawaii, with a new app, Blogsy. Still learning it! Summer went fast for us, but we are extending it here on the beautiful Island of Kauai.
    I'll bring fresh pineapple to the party!
    Aloha to all!

    1. girl, can't believe you did your post from your phone. going to have to try blogsy! hawaii looks awesome!!


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