Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspired Design: Me

Blame It On Paige

Today, over on Little Nostalgia, Paige shared a style quiz by HomeGoods. I'm usually not much for these quizes, but I took the bait. All you had to do was pick 5 pictures that tickled your fancy from the selection they gave you and viola, your design style is thus proclaimed.

Apparently, I'm Urban Funk with a touch of Bohemian, boho for short. Personally, I'd say it's more like the other way around, with a little classic, industrial, beachy, cottageyness thrown in for good measure. What? You've never heard of cottageyness? Mark it on your calendar, you heard it here first.

I'm a study in opposites. A plethora of differing tastes.  This is apparent all through my life, not just in my design's the friends I have, the things I cook, the books I read, the clothes I wear, the music I listen to. I could go on, but you get the idea. Of course, it's no surprise to me. My tastes are all over the place and I'm ok with that. Just try to pigeonhole me and you'll have hell to pay.

The funny thing about the quiz, is after they tell you your design style, they suggest blogs to you that are blogging about your style. Lo and behold, for my bohemian side, they suggested San Fransico Girl By Bay. Check. Already reading that. My urban funk side? Making it Lovely. Check. Have it bookmarked. Hhhhmmm, perhaps HomeGood's quiz is based on more than just a group of random pictures after all.

Here's some inspired design to paint you a better picture of my 'personal style'. That is not to say this is what my house looks like, but rather, dreamy vingettes I'd love to somehow take bits and pieces of and incorpate into our little corner of the world.

1. Miss Maple Chandelier - folded wood paper via elisa strozyk
 What I love: possibly the coolest chandelier I've seen yet.
Folded wood? Seriously. originally found via sfgirlbybay

2. & 6. rooms made for living via San Francisco Girl By Bay
copyright agent bauer, styled by camilla krishnaswarny
What I love: the comfortableness, the mix of classic- like the bentwood chairs, with the modern- like the paper lantern pendant lamps
3. classic chandelier via ranchatsanpatricio
What I love: the classically romantic style

What I love: the colors in Kerman rugs. There seems to often be a beautiful, rich robbin's egg blue and it sings to me. That said, there isn't a rug from my sponsor that I wouldn't want in my home, if it were a bit bigger.

5. bedroom with a touch of urban funk & boho via making it lovely
What I love: That crazy chandelier. It's unexpected in the bedroom and that makes me smile.
6. see # 2

7. sweet sitting area via house and home
What I love: This little sitting area exudes romance.
Quite unapolgetically I might add and it works. 
The unfinished nature of the chair and the wall,
give the romance the perfect edge. 

6. simply gorgeous velvet couch via pinterest, google image photographer unknown
What I love: The tufted, gray velvet. Simply classic.

9. office space via we heart it
via tea for joy, photographer unknown
What I love: It's a little messy, just like me. It's a little all over the place, just like me. It's got inspiration right there in front of you.
Although I try to keep things organized to some extent,
I still tend to favor and organized mess.

10. bedroom, pillows and shelf via sania pell
What I love: Cari-Jane from Hybrid Handmade introduced me to Sania. I love just about everything she does.  There's an ease about all of her styling.

11. classic and modern living room, via house and home
What I love: a mix of styles. I dig the neutral colors, but I find it hard to incorporate that fully into my own life, though I do enjoy seeing it in other's homes.

12. killer armoire via olssonjensen
What I love: that they've taken something we all know- lockers- up a notch with the mirrors. I want this piece for my very own.

13. loft living via decoist
What I love: the red leather chaise. The library ladder even more.
The concrete. It's a loft that still looks like a comfortable place the hang, and I think the red chaise warms the space up.

I guess that's me, or my design style anyway, in a nutshell. What about you? Did you take the quiz? What styles do you gravitate towards?

Oh no, I think it may have been time for another shop and blog link up party. Guess you can blame that on Paige too. Perhaps tomorrow.....

I hope your Thursday is going swimmingly in your corner of the world. It's a glorious day here, complete with sunshine and blue skies. Hopefully it stays that way so I can get a field walk in for the 3rd day in a row. It would make me and the hound happy.

Ciao for now,


  1. I am going to take the quiz, I have a feeling I will get the same answer as you, I love me some boho chic spaces =) Have a lovely weekend dearest! Xo, Ashley

    1. boho chic....luv it! enjoy yours as well Ms. Ashley.

  2. Okay, just took the quiz, I got FARM HOUSE GLAM, not too far off =) Xo, Ashley

    1. i think that's what paige got, with touch of urban funk.

      told her I think you could add a smidge of that to mine too.

  3. I'm apparently urban funk with a touch of sassy. Too bad my small children don't mix with that idea.

    1. wow, two ashleys in a row. the things that go on around here ;)

      touch of sassy? dang girl, how do I get some of that??!!

  4. Fun quiz! I got a set sail with a touch of the traveller. Seems to go just right with shells I use for props in my shop!

    Speaking of which, I'd love to be inspired by hearing how others organize their work and craft spaces!

    1. so, when are you off to your next cruise around the world leslie?

      I could use a bit of inspiration in that area too.Still waiting for shelves, though we just scored some great barn board so they may be on the horizon. They sure would help in organization. Thanks for the post idea.

  5. LOVE it!! I am Urban Funk with a touch of Boho too...and so not surprised at your 'study of opposites'...can definitely relate. Surprised? No! :)

    1. No, I am not surprised that we're both a study in opposites and 'Ufuboho'. Like that?

  6. OMG THOSE LOCKERS!! I happen to have some lockers.... hmmmmm, me thinks I NEED to transform them!

    1. what a fantastic idea!!!! do it. TODAY!!!!

      I bet you'll kick butt on that CraftWar.

  7. I have those lockers pinned! Maybe that means I'm not just Farmhouse Glam after all.

    I looked for the blog for my style, and it's just the regular old HomeGoods blog. Lame! How funny that the two for yours were ones you already read. :-)

    1. After I took the quiz, on the 'your design style page' that it takes you to, down in the lower right hand corner it said something like 'blogging about your style' or 'blogging about urban funk' and 'blogging about bohemian'. it also had the blog logos. it was in last 'feature square' on bottom right hand side.

      isn't that something that it picked two I read? bang on I guess. like a flip of the nose at 'she who doesn't take quizes'.

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