Saturday, September 22, 2012

Take A Walk, or Maybe Two, or Three With Us

Open Air

The weather cooperated this week, walk-wise anyways (not poolwise). It was perfect walking temps. This all meant happy ends to the days for me and the hound. Unfortunately, Gman wasn't getting home early enough to enjoy the walks with us. That didn't stop Lucan and I from heading across to the field.

The sky was blue most days, found some raspberries (which I proceeded to eat... you didn't think I was leaving that surprise fall treat there, did you?), there were still flowers in many colors, the trees were barely starting to turn, whispy clouds made their way across the sky, and fall berries beckoned the new season.

Hoping we might get one in later today, if it's not raining. Kind of a rainy gray day here. I have to say though, I like waking up to rain on a Saturday morning. Not all the time of course, but once in awhile. 

Last night we enjoyed a campfire with the neighborhoodlums at Tom and Joans.  Thinking we'll grill a burger later and if the weather cooperates, we'll have a campfire out back tonight.

Off to take care of Saturday errands which included dropping off a check for our space reservation for our first craft fair (Saturday, October 20th from 10-4pm at Stratham Municipal Center in case you're in the area), which supports the town library and is being organized by a fellow etsy shop owner, Lori from BeJewelled NH. Lori and I might finally get to meet each other face to face. I haven't done a craft fair in years. It should be interesting doing one with Gar where we both sell our wares.  Since it raises money for the library, I offered to design a poster for the fair that will hopefully get people's attention. I want people to see all the wonderful handcrafted work available from local artisans.  

Speaking of artisans.....there is only about a week left to enter the Muse September giveaway for $180+ in handmade and vintage prizes. Have you seen what these talented folks have given you a chance to win? Man, oh man I'd really love to enter, but it just wouldn't be right.

I hope you're enjoying the weekend whether you have a long to-do list or are taking it easy.

Ciao for now,


  1. Weather here is perfect for a Fall (Autumn to us folks!) Day, but we've been promised the tail end of Tropical Storm Nadine from tomorrow for a day or two. Hunkering down in anticipation! Enjoy your campfire this evening!

    1. campfire was was a beautiful night! good luck with Nadine Isobel

  2. Those photos are absolutely stunning. It is starting to feel a little more like fall around here too. At least we haven't hit 90 in a while!

  3. The fair sounds like fun and I hope you get the perfect fall day for it. Its beautiful here to day~loved your photo montage.

    1. it's the second year of the fair and we couldn't do it last year due to something or other. calendar issues. so it will be fun to do it, meet other crafters and support the library. everything else is a bonus.

      it's been pretty nice this week. hope you got to enjoy a little bit in between racing from store to store amy. i'm so very happy for you Ms. Maison Decor!


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