Monday, August 6, 2012

Photo Challenge: Day 5

Retro Groove

The Mercantile Muse Photo Challenge is in full swing and a has been a ton of fun. What a hoot it's been seeing everyone's take on one theme. Still plenty of challenges left if you want to join in.

From the streets of London to aMAZE-ing Hawaii, retro grove can be found in all corners of the globe. That doesn't even make sense, seeing as how a globe is round. However, retro groove is everywhere.

While on vacation recently, Bonnie got to visit this neat museum. A time capsule of sorts.

'gonna sit right down and write myself a letter', via Bonnie, {paperkeeper}

For good measure, Bonnie sent this one of her mom and friends looking ever so glamourous at the beach. Fabulous!  Bonnie's Mom is styling the longer curls on the left.

'bathing beauties', via Bonnie, {paperkeeper}

The 70s grass cloth wallpaper in Kristen's home has been the bane of her existence for a long time. It's down, but it took a lot of effort. I kept telling her, I kind of liked it.

'keep off the grass', via Kristen, Milo and Molly

Maybe I'm just a nut, but I actually think the other wallpaper Kristen had to deal with is kind of groovy too. Kristen? Not so much.

'if these walls could talk', via Kristen, milo and molly

This one is killing me. Emma, that pineapple really suits you.

'ahola `oe', via Emma, mybojulife

You must read about Emma's pineapple maze skills. Not all was lost Emma, you got some great shots, right?

Kathy's shot forces me to date myself. I'm here to tell you, I was a cheerleader and I wore saddle shoes.  We might have been the last squad to do so. I think they're still in my Mom and Dad's attic.  I thought they rocked. 

I'll admit something else. I have never mastered the hula hoop. I think I can can get them going now, but my problem is I always use too much hip.

'70s swing', via Pam, Mercantile Muse

Love everything in this vignette from Traci ....the ginger jar lamp, the camera, the scale, the suitcase. Well, you get the idea.

'classics in their own right', via Traci, All Things Luci Rae

This 'see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil' picture from Karen makes me want to know more of the story. Where was this? When was this? Were you at a concert? Were these you high school or college pals?

'what were they up to', via Karen, Bridgit's Bell

Harken back to a gentler time and place.....around the May Pole of course.

'rainbow ribbons', via Karen, Bridgit's Bell

Came across this mint condition el camino in our yard sale travels last summer.

I only have to look out my window to see my neighbor's barn.

Ashley's dh's totally groovalicious tie collection. I would seriously be stealing these from my husband.

'fit to be tied', via ashley, papyrusaurus

How'd you like to cruise around London in this classic Ford Popular? Well, that's what Cari-Jane and her husband have been doing, now that he got this baby running.

According to Cari, 'people STARE, take photos and you get to feel like a celebrity (except that it is the car that is the celebrity).   The horn goes 'toot toot' and the indicators are little flags that pop out of the side.'  Other than the olympic flags in this shot, this could be London many moons ago.

Oh how I'd love a ride in that baby.

Fantastic submissions as usual. Thanks for joining in.

Other fantastic things? It's Monday. Start of a fresh, new week.  Yesterday's pop-up drenching thunder/wind storm only rained on 5 pieces of clothing instead of an entire wash like last week (I was too fast with the laundry basket this time).  The giveaway is going strong and has some of the best stuff around, all for you to win. To top things off, there's a little bit of networking happening on our facebook page. Stop by and share a link to your shop and/or blog and meet some new peeps. If you're not a shop owner or blogger, stop by and 'like' us anyway. I post a lot of neat stuff that you won't necessarily find here on the Muse.

Make it a great week. Don't forget to get your submissions for Day 6 of Photo Challenge (eency weency) to me by end of day tomorrow.

Ciao for now,


  1. oh, another post that had me grinning from ear to ear!

  2. Fantastic...and me too...grinning from ear to ear!! Love all the different interpretations of the theme. And I really like your captions, you capture the essence well! Nicely done!

    1. we have a museum that is probably similar to the one you visited. strawbery (that's the way they spell it, go figure) Banke museum. anyway,they have a good few historic homes and several are decorated as if from certain periods of history. so neat seeing how people used to live, isn't it?

  3. Love all these photos! I've never got the hang of a hula hoop either- I'm in awe of those who can do it!

    1. you're probably using too much hip like me. you kind of have to be more stiff as a least that's what i thought when i was actually successful 'once'.

  4. love those saddle shoes!!!! I'm still waiting for them to come back into style. lol

    1. i say saddle shoes are a classic and ALWAYS in style. hmmm, maybe i should get mine from my mother's attic.........

    2. I probably last wore these about 5 years ago, I wouldn't say they were THE style of the day, but they sure are CLASSIC! I say , if you have a pair, go for it!

  5. Lovely post, Pamela. I was the hula hoop queen when I was younger; however, today, I suppose I can't swing those hips as I once did!
    Wishing you a lovely week! xoxo, B

    1. hhhmmm, and here i thought my problem was that i had too much hip. i'll have to try a new hula hoop strategy B.

  6. The see no evil photo was taken at Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH at an afternoon concert (I don't remember who!). The three of us worked together and it was in the 80s. I came across the photo when I was decluttering!! I posted it on FB and it got a lot of attention.

    1. too funny. we were just to prescott park on friday. it was HOT. the flowers were gorgeous as usual though. it was weird to see the view up the harbor without the bridge. kinda freaky. they are putting on willy wonka this year. keep your eye out for pics - probably friday.


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