Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What a Wicked Good Web We Weave

And Then I Found This, and This, and This!

I am in awe of many bloggers. Victoria at San Francisco Girl By Bay is one. She has the eye of a curator and always introduces me to the most wonderful things, always with a bohemian edge which I am quite drawn to. Today, Victoria gave me a two-fer.  She led me across the web to Covet Garden, a lovely online magazine out of Toronoto, which in turn led me to their cover story of the month on Heather Shaw and her store, pi'lo.

Thanks for having such a good eye and for sharing your finds Victoria. If you haven't stopped by Victoria's blog San Franciso Girl By Bay, I highly suggest you do.

I happened upon 20 Best Twenty via facebook. Lo and behold, who do you think was featured on the front page? Nope, not me. Good guess though. It was no less than Bonnie herself, from {paperkeeper}. I reached out to 20 Best Twenty about becoming a sponsor and received the lovliest note back from Meg who said, "Heck I REALLY want to buy the Chevron Notecards, Look Up art print, Start From Wherever You Are print, Beach Heaven fine art print, and the list pretty much goes on.... I totally need them all." Always a nice way to start the day, don't you think?

The mission of 20 best Twenty: 'to share talented designers and their work with our ever growing audience - as well as promote supporting hard working handmade designers as much as we can'.  That's a pretty darn good mission.

I have to thank facebook for the next find as well.  I was lucky enough to connect with Lazy Dog Gallery, all the way across the pond. Lazy Dog Gallery
is 'home to design led, handmade, British crafts'. That said, there is some serious pottery happening at Lazy Dog, and I appreciate the video they shared of Jessica of SJM throwing on the wheel. I never tire of seeing an artist/crafter working through their process. Boy, does Jessica make it look easy.

Many thanks to Fave9.com who I also happened upon this week. Fave9.com features 9 'favorites' they've found from across the web each week. An email later, and my lobster dip recipe became one of this week's favorites. Very cool.

There is so much to discover on the web. It truly is an amazing place.

Have you found anything you just have to share this week? Please feel free to link it up in your comments. I'd love to see what you discovered.

If you're participating in the photo challenge, be sure to get me  your next submission (eency weency) by end of the day tomorrow. There is a little email icon button in the righthand sidebar. You can reach me easy that way.  As always, I want to be able to include your photo in the challenge post the following day.  One more really, really good thing. The current Giveaway. It's ridonculous. Enter. 'Nuf said.

This month's giveaway is so good it should be shouted from the rooftops. Of course if I did that, neighborhoodlum Tom would be wondering what all the ruckus was about. However, if there are people you can see it in your heart to share the giveaway with, I'd be ever so grateful. My sponsors are just incredibly awesome and I want people to know it and have a chance to win all of their great stuff.

I'm so happy you're here in this little corner of the web.

See ya on the flip side,


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  2. thanks for sharing these sites...I love searching the web for great sites. in fact I can get lost in the web....for days....till there are cobwebs hanging from the end of my nose.

    1. ooo,thanks for previous link. did you read her post on netting? never even heard of that before. neat stuff in her shop as well.

  3. 20BestTwenty - and Meg are ridiculously amazing! :) Glad you found them! :)

    1. so, so sweet.

      the funny thing is, I don't even think I found them through you and there you were on the front page. :)

  4. Fave 9 seems really a great find! I'm gonna be really busy now. So much to learn!


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