Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photo Challenge Catch Up


A few more shots for this week's photo challenge..........

ah, the vastness of a building from Cari-Jane...Tate Modern, London.

'huge expanse', via cari-jane, hybrid handmade

Andrea's 'sea is wide, and i can't swim over...........'

Andrea's Serengeti is big and beautiful.

'the range', Andrea, strongsoutherly

Her 'new baby' sleepless nights probably seem just as vast as the Serengetti at the moment. I think it looks like she's taking it all in stride in her self portrait, or at least trying to.

'this too shall pass', Andrea, Strong Southerly

Karen captured a big, bright moon against the Dark of Night.

'moonglow', Karen, BridgitsBell

Not so full, but still big and bright.

'first bright', Karen, BridgitsBell

If I was Karen, I would have had a hard time leaving this spot. Heavenly.

'Sunset Beach', Karen, BridgitsBell

So nice to take a trip all around the world via the photo challenge, don't you think?

Did you enter the giveaway yet? What? Are you crazy? Don't wait....I can't get over the stuff that's up for grabs.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Sunday Sunday here. Enjoyed a yummy brie and ham omelette for breakfats while watching the US women's soccer team beat New Zealand and move to the semi's. Great way to start the day. It's another hot one. We'll see what we can get done for yardwork in the heat. No worries though, there is plenty to do inside as well and as always, there's the pool for sweet relief.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Dorene....happy you're here. well, i can't take credit for these shots.....they're submissions for the photo challenge which everyone is welcome to join. i love seeing everyone's take on the same subject..

  2. More great shots..yay! Happy Sunday friend!


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