Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Challenge 4 & Freeform Friday

Dark Of Night

As myself and the other photo challenge participants know, 'dark of night' was SO much easier than 'self portrait'.  Although I really must say, I absolutely loved everyone's self portraits and just 'seeing' everybody.  Can I throw this out there? I think women are really making their mark on the internet with their online businessnes and blogs. The women bloggers and shop owners out there are amazing and what's really cool is that some of them hang out right here. I'm so lucky to have such great company.

That said, here are the submissions for the 'dark of night' challenge.

Kathy, from DoubleNicklesAndBeyond really captured a bit of life here in New Hampshire. A beautiful, classic barn which she gets to enjoy. Lucky duck.  Can't you just imagine taking a nap in that hammock.

'Farmer In The Dell', via Kathy, DoubleNicklesAndBeyond

Bonnie went to see Brave. Her and her son were the only peeps in the place. Talk about your own private showing.

'Alone & Brave', via Bonnie, {PaperKeeper}

Cari-Jane stayed inside and let her 'tokonoma' speak of night. Don't worry, Cari-Jane didn't know that the nook they made in their wall was a 'tokonoma' until a Japanese architect saw it and said 'hey, you made a tokonoma'.  Apparently a recessed altar of sorts. Bet you just learned something new.

I took this shot last year in January. It was freezing. I stood out in my pajamas across the street like a nut with bare feet in my wellies until I couldn't feel my toes anymore.  It was just before dawn and the moon was incredible and worth it.

'Snow Moon'

Traci's chest (no, not that chest) is very 'dark of night'. A deep Jacobean. She explained over on her blog that 'since she's an 80 year old stuck in a 28 year old's body and is usually in bed by dark', that this beautiful piece would speak to the challenge. By the way, she's not kidding. She's usually in bed by dark.

'Jacobean Dreams', Traci, All Things Luci Rae

Apparently Ashley was stalking around her yard trying to get this shot, worrying and confusing her dog. The pooch wasn't very keen on her tripod.

'Twinkle', Ashley, Papyrusaurus

Emma's says I. SS. I. PP. I.  ......yes, the big beautiful river known as the missisip.

'The Mighty Mississippi', Emma, MyBojuLife

Ever been to Zanzibar? Me neither. However, Andrea has.

'Silhouette of Ships', Andrea, Strong Southerly

Lastly, one more from me and not the country like the last ones, but rather the city. I mean THE city. No place else like it on Earth.

'Moon Over Manhattan'

Do check out the links to all these lovely ladies. You won't be disappointed.

Feel free to join in the photo challenge. I'm enjoying is so much. I hope you are too.

Hey, did you check out the giveaway ? Lordy, lordy. It's out of control. If you haven't yet, you really should enter.

Freeform Friday

I've posted this one before, but thought it was quite appropriate for today's photo challenge. Beyond that, there's something quite magical about it.  If you're reading by email, click here.

The plans today? Enjoying more time with our Dublin family.We're thinking a jaunt through Portsmouth, pool time and perhaps dinner at Master McGrath's. Don't hold us to it though. How about you? What's hot for today?

Ciao for now,


  1. I looooove Bon Iver. We listen to him a lot in the car.

    Looking at everyone's pictures is so interesting! It's fun to see how people interpret the same prompt.

    1. Paige, some other really good bon iver takeaway videos on you tube.

      isn't that the best about the challenge....everyone's take on the same thing.

  2. Wow, amazing photos! I love them!! Here's me missing another one. Maybe I'll make it for Monday's. Have a great weekend!

    1. You can miss or particpate in as many as you want. Got your email. You're good to go.

  3. Oh my gosh, love that barn photo!

  4. Love it! Great collection once again, and to your comment about being in good company, I say amen sistah!

    1. seriously though....i amazed at the talented women, and men too (just have met more women), out there on this world wide web. awesome possum. hhhmmmm, think i've heard that somewhere before.

  5. those photos are amazing....I'm off the check the photo challenge!

    1. debbi, join in if you can. it's no pressure, participate when you can kind of thing.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA glad you liked my chest!

  7. me too. love the way the sky mimics the ocean and silhouette of the ships and then that pretty strip of coral in the middle.


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