Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NYC & Italy for FREE!

An About Time Free Printable

Wow. It's been ages since I gave you guys a free printable. It is not only 'about time', it's past time.

So, here it is. In celebration of our impending departure to NYC for my 25th college reunion with the Mounties, gift tags of a couple of our favorite places.....Italy and NYC. These tags feature great vintage maps. 

They would be perfect to use for your Father's Day gifts, graduation gifts, or what have you.

We hope the next time we get to Italy (hey, a girl has to dream, right?), we'll get to visit this region- Apulia. My great grandparents set sail from here for the US and it gives us a good excuse to explore beyond Rome on our next trip (though we'd be quite happy to just enjoy the Eternal City). 

Before we get back to Italy though, as I said, it's off to NYC.

The two of us are so happy to get one of our home away from homes (the second being Dublin). 

We love downtown. We simply feel at home there.

If you'd like to download these gift tags to print off and use, you can right click the image below and save to file, or you can left click the picture and it will bring you to the link to download the pdf. Either way, you should be good to go.  Feel free to share this post on facebook or pinterest (at bottom of post) in case you know others who would enjoy them.

We are really looking foward to this trip for a variety of reasons.  #1 I will get some Mountie time when I visit the campus of my alma mater The College of Mount Saint Vincent on Saturday for the reunion dinner dance.

I can always count on my Mounties to do anything for a laugh. I never have to worry about having fun with them.

We don't care about being ridiculous or looking stupid. It's all in the name of love and laughter. We are sure to dance up a storm and wreak some havoc at the Mount. It's just a given.

Beyond that, this trip is kismet. We'll be arriving in NYC the same time as our niece Ali and her boyfriend are arriving from Dublin.

It's her birthday Friday so we get to celebrate with her. So cool. We skyped with them yesterday and we are all psyched. It will be the first time we meet Jay. I'm not worried, as I'm sure they've prepared him for us. I'm just happy because it's been two years since we've seen Ali in person.

Beyond all that, we'll get to other people we love who we don't get to see enough. All in all, it'll be grand.

Enjoy the gift tags and have a great Tuesday. My corner of the world is still gray and rainy. The sun was trying to make a break, but it didn't succeed yet.

Ciao for now,


  1. FUN! Thanks so much and enjoy your trip!

    1. we are so looking forward to it. we will most definitely enjoy leslie!

  2. Pam sounds like you are headed towards a fabulous time with friends. have a great time, and looking forward to seeing your photos!

    Great tags you are sharing!!! The dark and gloomy days have are making way for sunshine ... so all is good here.

    xo C. (HHL)

    1. Celia, wouldn't miss this reunion for the world. I'm assured of a good time when I'm with my college gals. If I can just get over the '25' years thing. Crazy how fast time goes. Glad you've got some sun!

  3. and when you will be in Italy, invites you to come to me. It's only about 1,000 km (660 mill) from Venezia :-)

    1. Jana, when we make the dream of returning to italy a reality we certainly would love to tag a new country onto the trip especially since where you live looks SO pretty! great to see you.

  4. oh oh oh you are going to have FUN!!!! These tags are beautiful - I adore old maps and I really like the way the two of them echo the epic voyage your great grandparents took. I always wonder how these people felt when they sailed out into the great unknown with their pioneering hearts!

    1. ok - it's pretty sad when YOU have to point out to ME that the tags echo my great grandparent's journey!!!!eeks! wasn't even thinking of that but it's absolutely true. they landed in NYC from Foggia. In fact, we'll probably take a stroll by 101 Mulberry Street in Little Italy where they lived. Just think of it back then, it had to be such a huge leap of faith to leave your homeland then. And my great grandmother was pregnant with my grandfather at the time of their sailing. Can you imagine?


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