Monday, June 4, 2012

Progress, Not Perfection

A Lesson To Learn

As you can imagine, we've both been quite busy with the launch of G's new business, lia artisan concrete designs.  In a short time, my husband has been testing mixes, testing forms, hand casting his designs, hand sanding his designs, hand sealing his designs. He has been making progress.

We can now safely say, he has inventory.

He secured another wholesale account last week, Rolling Green Nursery and will be delivering his order to Beth this week.  It made Beth's day that she was able to do business with a local craftsman. It made us happy that Beth not only placed an order, but was supportive of Gar's new venture in more than one way. She even offered Garrett the shipping supplies- burlap and packing materials- that come with some of the products she receives at the nursery.

There is of course, a lot more to do. At times though, you have to stop and think about how far you've come in a short time. 

Now, if we could only find an affordable shipping alternative for his products, which are on the heavy side, we'd really be making great strides. So for those of you who asked about getting your hands on some of Garrett's work, we haven't forgotten about you. We're working on the research end so that we can offer the best shipping options for our customers. 

Also, I've been waiting for paypal's new card reader 'Here' to launch so that we can accept credit card payments via our smart phones. Unfortunately, paypal seems to be taking their sweet time. We may just go with square since they're already up and running.

I'm in the midst of tweaking designs for his collateral (wholesale guide, business cards, brochure, etc) and that in itself is a lot of work.

Then there's the bookkeeping setup..........................ok, let's not go there today.

Let's just suffice it to say, we're happy with the progress. There is no sense in expecting perfection every step of the way because we're human after all. Who knew?

Progress. Yeah, I like the sound of that word.

It's shaping up to be a jam packed week. What's been happening in your world?

all for now,


  1. Congratulations on the new account! I use Square, but found their reader to be rather flimsy. I may have to request another one as I can't seem to get a good swipe on it. Fortunately you can enter the card number by hand, but that's not as customer friendly.

    1. thanks leslie. it's a good one. hhmmmm..........bummer about it being flimsy. and certainly, you want it to swipe! that's what you got it for for pete's sake!

  2. congrats on the new account! inventory is looking good too.

    1. yes debbi, two thumbs up for rolling green. it's an awesome nursery. goes on and on and on. inventory is multiplying like rabbits in his basement studio!

  3. Nice news on the progress!
    I would highly recommend getting the Square, mine came super fast and is really easy to use.
    Plus, who knows when Paypal will get around to rolling out their reader.

    1. Kate, we'll take every new account we can get. I just really need to suss out some affordable shipping options so we aren't limited by area. I'm thinking I'll get the square for now and then if I want to, whenever pay pal releases theirs I can try that too and decide which we like best! for now, at the very least, we can send paypal invoice to customers who want to pay by credit card. good to have options.

  4. lots of hard work there - you guys obviously make a good team though. And as for a second wholesale order!! Well, that is just fantastic!

    1. yes, lots of work. he's been a busy bee. good team? well, we're working on that. not used to being with each other all day everyday, but we're getting the hang of upstairs in my 'little corner of the world' office and G downstairs in his basement studio. The second order is to be delivered today and he's happy about that. We are rejoicing in the little things here. Each and every little thing!


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