Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Biggo Salad, Supervisors & What a State

There Is Always Lots Going On

I was so happy last night because it was one of those days when I knew what was for dinner. Don't you get sick of thinking of what to make for dinner or am I the only one? Well, last night, I was good to go. Salad night! Making us of the roast chicken from the night before (still plently left by the way- I'm sure I'll be making soup).

Here's what was in it:

Baby spinach
red lettuce
1/2 a white onion, thinly sliced
1 small red and 1 small yellow pepper
handful of orange segments cut in half
2 handfuls of yellow cherry tomatoes, cut in half
about an 1/8 of a cup reduced feta (all I had left in fridge)
roast chicken, thin sliced
handful sprinkle of grapenuts cereal for crunch

I know. Gorgeous, right?

(not sure where I read this idea, but when I find the source I'll let you know. mmmmm)

2 tbs hummus
1 tbls of olive oil
squeeze of fresh lemon
1/3 cup of water
(I also added lime/pepper seasoning)

Shake in closed container until well mixed. Dress salad 5 minutes before eating.

We both loved the saland AND the dressing. The best thing is, it was good for us too. Wahooli! Tonight, fresh, off the boat haddock from Ralp, who's dayboat season started off with a bang.

Gar is off tilling my bil's and sister's garden. I should really say bil Al's garden because he's the veg man, Di's the flower girl. Her gardens will have to wait for a post all their own.

It's apparent that G is working hard.  I mean, he has two supervisors so that must mean he's working hard, right?

My only supervisor so far this morning was Lucan who became the subject of my first Instagram shot.

Being a good supervisor, he insisted that I share a 'before' shot of the pool garden.  Pretty pitiful at the moment.

When it looks like it's supposed to and is cleaned up and in full bloom, at least you'll have something to compare it too and you'll exclaim, "Wow, that garden has come a long way baby." I swear, you will.

Sunset Meadows

It's been so darn pretty night after night this week.

Enjoy the day. Make it a great one in your corner of the world. I am on a mission to check things off my the long list on my legal pad. Already have. Boy that makes me feel good.

What about you?


  1. Looks so good! I was recently put on a gluten free diet...with tons of kicking and screaming and protesting... and so now I am looking for fun ways to make great salads and other gluten free stuff. This looks great!

    1. oh it was YUMMY. gluten free? you're are not alone. this gal has some great recipes.

  2. As ever - a dish whose taste carries it all the way across the Atlantic! As for your supervisor, why is it that dogs look so superior when they're in that pose?

    1. it was pretty too! and the oranges.....oh my.

      isn't it funny they way they sit so Superior? funny dogs.

  3. YUM!! I am just getting an appetite back after this nasty sinus/bronchitis...a fresh salad would just hit the spot! Great combination of items..and that dressing, I am going to have to try it!!

    1. are you feeling better? yuck. no fun especially in spring. then again, maybe it was allergies that got you going. glad you are feeling like you want to eat a least a salad. definitely try the dressing. mmmmm.

  4. Lucky that you have supervisors! Keeps everyone on their toes! And I know that great feeling when dinner is already planned. I hate the dreaded, What's For Dinner !!


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