Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Sad Farewell

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Laying Chief Maloney To Rest

Today is the day that Greenland Police Chief Mike Maloney is laid to rest. His services are taking place in my hometown, and his hometown, of Hampton.  Many law enforcement officers from around the country have traveled to pay their respects to the Chief.

Of course, there are the local police, his co-workers, many other police departments, family, friends, our US Senators and Congressmen, our Governor and a large outpouring of support from the community.

My neighbor's daughter, Greenland Sgt. Dawn Sawyer (right) is carrying the motorcycle helmet of her friend, co-worker and Chief alongside new Greenland Police Chief Tara Laurent. A tearful sight.

The rest of the Greenland Police Department walked alongside Cheif Maloney, with their hands touching his hearse.

The procession is making its way to my high school where a memorial service is to be held shortly.  The football field with be full, as well as the bleachers.  They expect more than 5,000 people at the service. It is certainly a reflection of, by all accounts, what kind of man Chief Maloney was and how he died.

He's been awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor from the state, for giving his life to save fellow officers who were wounded when trying to serve a search warrant in Greenland last Thursday night.

A small gesture for a such a large sacrifice.

Hearing my neighbor talk about the Chief and how much he meant to her family and the things he loved to do, like fish, it came to me that I had in fact met the Chief years ago. Gar doesn't remember this, but I remember it clearly now. He was fishing at the fire pond on my neighbor's property when they weren't home. We were concerned with who was in their yard when they weren't there and approached him as he cast his line. He chuckled and told us he was a friend of the family that worked with Dawn never saying that he was the police chief, but knowing we'd know he was an officer. 

I'm sure he laughed more after we walked away. 

What a senseless waste of three lives and such tragedy for all the families and friends. I wish and pray for them all to have the strength they need to get through such a difficult time.

via greenland police department

Rest in peace Chief Mike Maloney. May god hold you in the palm of his hands.


  1. Amen to that! May he Rest in Peace! It is well deserved by all accounts.

    1. Yes Isobel, by all accounts a true hero. Apparently he had gone in to pull the other injured officers to safety, not one, but twice and was fatally wounded. So very sad.

      At least he received a fitting tribute.

  2. Absolutely heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing.


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