Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

It was another fantastic 4th of July Lobster Bake. Best we can figure, we've been having the annual bake for about 13 years now.  Everybody does their part to pull off the big production.  Lots of good food, good family and good friends.  Nobody did  an official head count, but from what I can figure, we were in the 80+ range.  Let freedom ring!

Charlie (on right behind truck) found us a new plate
to put the bake on. Tom manuevers the 750 lb behemoth out
of the truck with his tractor.


Gar and Ralph unload the bags of seaweed they cut off the rocks at 6:15 am- got to get it at low tide.
Cousin Eddie even ventured with them this year.

Everyone brings their own lobsters, which we then put into
big onion bags and tag with clothes pins. They're put into baskets (made of 2x4s and
screen), covered with the seaweed and put onto the steel plate over the fire.

Gar and Ralph stacked the baskets on top of the steel plate and cover it with tarps.
The tarps are sprayed down with the hose and everything is 'baked' over the fire.
Smokey goodness at it's best.

Me, Carey (aka Martha) and Mom.

Janey came all the way from Vermont to serve up some appetizers!

Dad, Charlie & nephew Jeff sharing a laugh in the Taj Mahal (our screen tent).

Doesn't Marge look like a Matriarch in this one?
And even Max made the picture!

Brother in law Al and neighborhoodlum Gerry-- The Grill Masters.

Feathers (aka Susanne) making the rounds with
her world famous jello shots.

The New Yorkers enjoying their lobsters. The Dubliners did too, but I didn't get a picture!
People travel far and wide to get to the annual bake.

Great Niece Sophia strolling through the bake with mom.

How do you say 'pursuit of happiness'? Almond Joy Martinis (thank you Cocciardis!).

Another beatuiful sunset, complete with crescent moon. And another wonderful Independence Day.

 I'm sure my cousin Eddie got better pictures of the whole shebang. I'm usually too busy playing hostesss to get all the pictures I'd really like to get.  I'll post when I get some from Eddie and other guests.  Time to start 'clean up' and put the chowder pot on!


  1. You guys REALLY know how to put on a party - looks awesome! I'm glad the day was nice for you.

  2. It is our BIG shindig of the year and we wouldn't be able to pull it off with everyone's help. A lot of work, but tons of fun so it's all worth it.


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