Friday, July 1, 2011

FurBalls & Tumbleweed

When my friend Tina was recently here, I had to laugh when she said I might be 'addicted' to Sharking the house.  Sharking, as we fondly call it, is giving the house the vacuum once over with our Shark (love that thing- picks up quite a bit for a small, motorized sweeper and it's battery powered- no cords!). I told her that I was not addicted per se, but rather Sharking out of necessity. If I take a few minutes to Shark each day, it cuts down on the furball tumbleweeds that adorn my home thanks to the hounddog.  She wasn't really buying it. However, when you consider that Lucan (our pointerX mutt) is probably about 5 times as big as her jack russell Buster, it would would equate to that much more doghair tumbling around. Need I say more?

So after having to pull out the heavy hitter vacuum yesterday because I hadn't Sharked in two days, I thought I'd take the dog comb to Lukes.  Viola, proof for Tina.

Lucan with his pet cat Fluffy.
No, not really.
That's what came off him after a
3 minute combing. Can you take it?

I can honestly say, I don't have an addiction to Sharking. I just know it makes my housekeeping job easier.  That said, even with regular Sharking, there really is no keeping up. Perhaps that's why I like the sign my sister Gloria gave me a few Christmases ago so much.  It hangs by our front door as one last reminder.

What? You can't see the sign?

Still can't see the sign?

How about now?
So, since I worked the heavy hitter vacuum yesterday, I'm hoping to only have to shark the next few days. I'll be too busy to care about dog furball tumbleweeds anyways. You'll find me checking things off the 'Get Ready For the 4th of July Lobster Bake' list. 

Yesterday I checked a few things off the list, including the lobster/steamers order from Defiant Lobster. The only place we get our bugs and clams. Right on the Hampton marsh.  Been going there as long as I can remember.

Beyond the list, took a moment to enjoy the sunset last night. It wasn't 'brilliant', but rather subdued and quite pretty in it's own right with rays of lights streaming down.

This particular shot didn't show off the rays of of sun the best,
but I love the way the hues and lighting give it a 70s kind of vibe.

Have a wonderful Friday where you are! 


  1. Boy would that sign be appropriate in my house - two dogs, two cats! I've given in to the fur. Gotta love it though.

    Lucan is adorable!

  2. You DO need that sign sharon! It's part of life as a pet owner. Just passed a few furball tumbleweeds on my way to the computer and I even sharked yesterday. Lucan is molting big time!

  3. I need that sign too! Two dogs and two cats and many many tumbleweed fur balls rolling through the house on any given day!!!
    I will have to look into a Shark for those in betweener days when I don't have time or energy to pull out my dinosaur of a KIRBY vacuum, which is probably made of lead steel or an anvil or something. My goodness it is HEAVee.

    Thanks so much for sharing your sweet puppy love at the Polohouse linky party today! I am so thrilled you could join us.


    1. Oh Alison, with that menagerie of yours, I KNOW you need one of those signs! If I bring out the shark for a few minutes each day, it at least slows growth of furball tumbleweeds. A kirby.....jealous. When we lived in apt. above our friends garage, I used to borrow the kirby. Used to feel like it was sucking the whole carpet up.......but yes, heavy! def. give the shark a try for in betweens. I think it runs about $40. Thanks for stopping by the Muse


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