Thursday, June 30, 2011

So Happens It's Thursday

So happens it's Thursday....That's Gar's answer to T.G.I.F. Get it? S.H.I.T.? I kind of like it. Though I'm not feeling particularly smarmy today, I just thought I'd throw it out there since it was 'day appropriate'.

I've been fiddling around with headers for Mercantile Muse. And as you can see, I've gone with a simple white background as well. I think it shows everything off in a crisper,cleaner way. I really like the way it makes photos pop. Siss, boom, bang! (sorry, getting a little geared up for the 4th and the big losbta bake!)

Can you say lobster? But here are two experts on lobster bakes- G man and Cap'
(as in Captain', aka Ralph, who I've been best pals with since
1st Grade and is a Fisherman and Captain...hence the nickname).
  OK, I'll stop for now.  Back to the subject at hand........the blog header.

I designed the first header for our blog last night, and it looked really nice. I liked all of the components including some of our very own stone wall and roses, and a picture of a ship's masthead that I took in NYC's South Street Seaport.  In the end, it just wasn't working for me.  It seemed to be just a little too much- too much for this particular blog anyway.

See what I mean?
Then I designed one that incorporated a piece of one of my printable wall art designs, Three Feathers. Except, I only used one of the feathers (see bottom of this post for picture). This one I like a lot for it's simple, clean look.

Straight and to the point. Opposite of the first......not busy at all.

Then I woke to a new day and new eyes and thought, with all those neutrals a pop of bright yellow might be kind of nice- sans quill/feather. I edited the picture of our 'Pot of Gold' coreopsis in photoshop and included that in the design for the splash of color. After looking at it though, I kind of missed the feather because it represents the writing/talking/blog lovin' rants I'll be throwing out there on Mercantile Muse, as well representing my designs in our etsy shop.

Pow. Pop of happy yellow. Not to quill?
 Being the fickle gal I am and since I wasn't sure about the quill being missing, I worked it back into the design. First I faded the flower behind it a little bit more so they weren't competing so much. Somehow I still can't decide.

Or to quill? That is the question.
 Liking this one. Although, I think I'll have to walk away, and come back and look at with fresh eyes before I make a final decision. Then again, does the decision really have to be final? It's a work in progress, just like me.

Any thoughts, feel free to share them.  And as promised.........Three Feathers, available on etsy at Bates Mercantile Co.

Glory be, the sun is shining again and there is a lovely breeze. It's a great laundry day, as far as laundry goes. Perfect for line drying. I'm sounding more and more like my mother (not that that is a bad thing).

And since it's Mercantile Muse's first week anniversary, I'm adding to my good things list. Just because. Feel free to add your own good things.

Good Things

That lucan is sleeping soundly on the futon,
instead of running across the street and getting into a
tussle with a very nice Dobie Girl getting a walk on a
leash, the way he did last night. Bad dog.
Sleeping soundly is much better.

lovely breezes

blog followers and online friends- givin' ya'll a wahooli!

a screen tent/house
(someday a house/room, for now a screen tent.
the mosquitoes were vicious last night)

visitors to look forward to

checking things off of lists

work on my desk

(I know it was on the list last week, but last night we got to skype with our friend's
mom who we haven't seen in.....oh....say about 24 years! LOVE skype.)

Have a good one. Or as Walter Brennan says in Rio Bravo- have 'a goodn'.


  1. Love the blog! I found you through Etsy (I'm Sweet C's Designs).

    Thanks for the treasury love! I am your newest blog follower! You can find me at

  2. Thanks for stopping by Courtney- as I've said before......I love the things you make with burlap!!! Thanks for following, I appreciate it.

  3. Have a lobsta for me, and a great holiday weekend!
    And I really like the simpler, clean look of your new header - nice job!

    I'm off to VT to see my family and go house hunting with my oldest daughter! I'm so excited! I just have to contain myself because I want to be invited again! :)

  4. Ordered the lobster and clams from Defiant Lobster today , that way I'm assure of the best!

    Good luck hunting! Remember to see what things 'can be'. Tell your daugther to look for the worst house in the best neighborhood :) She can make it what she wants.

    Happy 4th and safe travels Sharon and thanks for kind words on header front.

  5. Hello. Thanks for leaving me a comment. I like your header too, with the yellow. Nice feathers as well. And the Waring blender is brilliant! Very much recommended. Hope you had a nice weekend :)


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