Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ode To Orange

Last night's moon is my inspiration of the day.  It was a lovely sunset, but as I pulled the covers back and was set to hop into bed the moon caught my eye. A bright orange crescent.  It was so pretty I had to go back outside to snap a shot.

Copyright Pamela J. Bates, 2011

Pretty cool, huh? Worth going back outside in my Pj's.
I've always liked orange, maybe it was growing up in the 70s when pops of orange were common place. Regardless of the reason, I still like a pop of orange here and there. It's a happy color and there are so many hues, it doesn't have to remind you of Halloween.

When we were decorating our addition, and specifically our lounge, we needed a chair that would fit in one of the corners. We wanted it to be comfortable and the right size. Gar and I hadn't even discussed color. We walked into a local furniture store and lo and behold, a chair we were both drawn to immediately. You gotta love a guy who can, not only handle a chair this color, but who actually loves it. Made in the USA-- right on Cape Cod! It was ours. Now, I'll admit, this chair flirts both on the orange side and the pink side. Is it watermelon? Or is it persimmon? Call it what you want, we call it comfortable, well made, and perfect.

Copyright Pamela J. Bates, 2011

Orangey crushed velvet. An unexpected pop of color. Sweet. Plus it went perfect with our Dollar Tree dishtowels that were the color inspiration for the lounge.
My friend Sylvie gave me a felt purse in a wonderful burnt orange color. It's bead work was so pretty, I decided to put it where I could appreciate it everyday. I've never carried it on an evening out. It hangs on the side of our game cabinet in the lounge, and it seems very happy there, so that is where it stays. 

Copyright Pamela J. Bates, 2011

A gift from a friend, this bag hangs on a cabinet instead
of in my closet waiting for the right occasion.
Our Tiger Lilies have popped!  Just like I knew they would, just in time for 4th of July.  These were transplanted from my sister Dianne's yard, and each year I have to conquer and divide. They are prolific spreaders and their bright orange color really add to any garden. Easy to maintain and care for as well. A gardener's dream.

Copyright Pamela J. Bates, 2011

This morning's sun really shows off the beauty of this Tiger Lily. Gorgeous.
I realized I had even more pops of orange in the house beyond the lounge.  We came across this beautiful print on one of many trips to Ireland, in a little restaurant in Cork. It was hanging on the wall and for sale. It came home with us. The artist is Val Byrne of Wicklow, but this painting is somewhere in the West of Cork.   It used to hang above the mantle, but right now I'm still trying to figure out where to put things on the wall after painting the front rooms. So, for now, it sits on the mantle.  Alongside Bates Mercantile Co.'s 'Be Happy' Pennants printable wall art available in our etsy store.

Copyright Pamela J. Bates, 2011

A wonderful color explosion in this signed Val Byrne print.
Love the little orange house vying for attention amongst the bigger buildings. 
Orange makes a regular appearance in our sunsets. This is one of it's more brilliant nods at dusk this past May. Glorious.

Copyright Pamela J. Bates, 2011

How absolutely beautiful.
Isn't it time you added at least a little orange to your life?

Happy Wednesday. Make it a good one.


  1. WOW!! that is a super cool moon picture! I have never seen the moon like that before. I love orange too :) by the that orange purse of yours! I have an orange purse I haven't worn yet either...but have been dying to.

  2. Isn't that something Ashley? It really was beautiful. Sure glad I caught glimpse before I went to bed.

  3. Funny, I had never previously been an orange person and all of sudden within the last couple of years, it is one of my favorite colors! All shades of it. It's such a happy and cheerful color - I don't know what took me so long. Three cheers for Orange!

  4. You know Sharon, I'm not even sure I knew I liked orange so much until I started looking around and seeing the little ways it was incorporated into our home. It just kind of happened!


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